Agile operating system for business

The success of any business is determined by the value it delivers to its customers. To maximize value, companies spend a good deal of time building and launching their products. This can be a herculean task, but it becomes manageable with the adoption of project management software. With project management software, businesses can plan ahead, strategize effectively, map relevant resources, and track progress from a single platform. However, with the rampant expansion of the software market, ever-changing market trends, and the fast-paced AI adoption, it can be hard to identify the right tools that offer the best features at the right price. Read on to understand how you can overcome this challenge and acquire a  project management tool that fits your business like a second skin.

Agile operating system for business

7 steps for successful project management

Aligning your goals and milestones with your resources is the key to creating impactful deliverables. Here are seven steps that can help you produce better results. We hope they will also help you calibrate your business objectives with your available technology and human resources.

  • Set up your project and distribute tasks among available human resources.

  • Provide your resources with the opportunity to set up their own milestones within a grander task.

  • Provide project management tools that are highly collaborative and transparent. This makes it easier for employees to reach out to helpful resources without having to exchange long email chains.

  • Set priorities with tags and stay on track while committing to critical tasks.

  • Record progress and productivity with timers, and invoice time logs for paychecks.

  • Create to-do list items and Gantt charts.

  • View organized reports and assess task completion on a customizable interface.

Congratulations! If your project management software assists you with these steps, you are already halfway to project management success.

The other half of success: Adopting agile management

Agile project management is the most intuitive way to completely transform the way your business approaches its goals, and increase the likelihood of success. Its nonsequential approach allows businesses to acumen their business goals to maximize customer benefits as it exclusively accommodates smarter goal setups, faster development, applicable launches, and customer feedback for further enhancements.

The agile management method can significantly improve business outcomes during uncertain times. Especially with the surge in AI adoption, projects that were put into motion with the agile management method have benefited from assistance with repetitive and data-oriented tasks.

Agile operability

While the waterfall method always sets you up for success, the method allows no room for adaptability and change. The waterfall approach focuses on project delivery, but enforces strict deadlines, which are established during the resource planning stage. This puts businesses in a tight spot, since teams are often working on different projects according to different timelines. Without flexible project management, siloed project execution inhibits the quick exchange of resources and can delay org-wide decision making. Some businesses go through with small-scale adoption to experiment. Often, this ends up causing disruptions within the business ecosystem, and hyper-growth in some silos, while others fall behind.

Waterfall approach to project management

Transform your business with our best-in-class project management solution 

A best-in-class project management solution, like Zoho Projects, allows you to customize, collaborate, and automate. With Zoho Projects, you can:

  • Break down tasks and set up role-based access within the task board
  • Set project baselines that help you view the status of your progress
  • Customize Gantt charts and allocate resources for cross-connected tasks
  • Automate the task workflow with defined rules
  • Integrate your task board with your business tools
  • Automate task updates to streamline mundane work
  • Work on the go with mobile applications  
  • Apply Zoho Sprints to bring your agile teams together

Unify your tasks and your business tools on one platform 

Unifying your business tools on one platform helps cut down the disparate sprawl that comes with integrating multiple solutions. It helps you produce results faster as your data will be freely accessible without the silos. Your teams can also reduce time spent on relearning app interfaces. You can set up road maps to achieve your goals and optimize those operations using cross-app automation. You can even enable collaboration to unify teams working on a shared project and avoid hyper-growth disparities and stagnancy.

Unify your business by adopting Zoho One the agile operating system for business and achieve peace of mind, as Zoho One comes with 45+ deeply rooted and tightly integrated solutions developed to suit every specific business need. Adopting Zoho One will decrease damages from the "trial and error" testing of new software and eliminate frustration. It comes at a reasonable price where every penny offers you profit.


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