Here's how Zoho People can help organizations adhere to Indian leave policies

Organizations must have a detailed leave policy in place to ensure proper leave use and adherence to labor laws. With spreadsheets and paper-based processes, enforcing your leave policy for the entire organization can be very tiring. Adopting a cloud-based leave management system like Zoho People can help your employees understand entirely your leave policy and use leave accordingly. Here's how Zoho People can help you streamline your leave process:

  • Allows you to configure different leave types based on the organization's leave policies, define if leave is paid or unpaid, and determine who can use specific leave types.

  • Lets you configure different leave policies for other regions, since each region may have a unique set of leave laws and policies.

  • Enables employees to either carry unused leave into the next year or let it lapse based on the applicable leave policy.

  • Empowers employees to stay on top of upcoming holidays by supporting holiday calendars.

Read more about the different leave types, different leave laws in India, and how Zoho People can help your organization ensure leave compliance in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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