Segment Survey Responses with Multi Collectors

Do you distribute one survey to different groups of people only to find that filtering results and analyzing reports is taking up your time? We've made it simpler to segment your responses with a new feature in Zoho Survey called the multi-collector feature.

What is a collector?

The term collector that we refer to is a 'responses collector'. In essence, a single collector is a regular survey where you have one single survey web link to share with your audience.

With multi-collectors, you can publish a survey and send to different groups of people using separate web links. This way, the responses you receive can be filtered by collector for a better understanding of the results.

As an example let's say, there are four schools, and you are conducting a one-week workshop for each school. Assuming your workshop begins from the first week of April, and you want to receive feedback from the students of each school, you create one Feedback Survey. If you want to segment the data received based on each school for four weeks in April, the easy way to do it is by creating multi-collectors on your survey.

The benefit of this feature is that you can change the Publish settings for every collector you create:

  • A new web link is automatically generated
  • You can set different 'Close Survey' dates
  • An offline survey link is additionally generated

Zoho Survey Multi Collector

As per the example, i.e. four weeks, four schools (four groups) here's a broad view of how the multi-collector feature works.

1.Create a survey and visit the Deploy tab on your survey to create the multi-collectors

2.Create four collectors (naming each after the schools participating in the workshop), each of which has its auto-generated web link.

3.Visit restrictions and set a cut-off date for collecting responses. Each collector would have different cut-off dates (which here would be the date at the end of each week)

For a step by step procedure to creating collectors, visit our Help section.

Distribute your survey to these four groups. After the workshops are complete, and you have the responses to your survey, you will need to visit the Reports section to filter the responses based on each collector. All the data from your survey is in one place but, the filtering gives you a segmented and comprehensive report on the feedback collected from each school that attended the workshop.

Zoho Survey multi collector

The important thing to note here is that each collector works as a different survey by itself so you can set your publish preferences for each collector rather than for the entire survey.

Share your thoughts with us on this feature. Tell us how it works for you.


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