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The Five Finger Rule for Surveying

World-famous psychologist and physician, George W. Crane once said, “language is the apparel in which your thoughts parade before the public”. So, when you frame...

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“Why would you even ask that?” – Busting assumptions

There are two types of people. Those that make assumptions without any logic or proof and those that needs proof before believing anything. When it comes...

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3 Universal Tips to Turn Your Surveys from Asked to Answered

Zoho Survey 4 min read

Track customer loyalty with the Net Promoter Score

Many marketers would unequivocally state that the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the primary measure of success in any industry. Also, it is an excellent...

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Spend less time grading tests and more time teaching with Zoho Survey

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Zoho Survey – Multiple Feature Updates

Eagle-eyed users of Zoho Survey would have noticed a few more options popping up over the past couple of weeks. Wondering whether you might have...

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Branding Matters : White label your Surveys

Customizing a survey to match your brand can be done in a flash and, participants can recognize your label right away. To get better responses,...

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Zoho Survey: Segment Survey Responses with Multi Collectors

Do you distribute one survey to different groups of people only to find that filtering results and analyzing reports is taking up your time? We’ve...

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Surveys with Personality! Introducing Fully Customizable Themes in Zoho Survey

Who says professional surveys have to be boring? With Zoho Survey’s¬†customizable themes, you can send your personality with your surveys. Add your company logo to...

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