Zoho Survey - Get in touch with respondents instantly with E-mail Triggers

Do you need to contact your respondents as soon as they complete your surveys? Ever felt the need to send out a thank you message to your respondents for taking your survey? Well, you can when you set up email auto-responder aka an email trigger.

How does it work?

It  is an auto response mechanism that triggers an email to the recipient,  whenever a respondent completes a survey or when a response meets the condition you set. Here are some ways you could use an email trigger.

•    Thank a respondent for taking your survey.

•    Set it up to receive an email when a survey is complete.

•    Trigger an email to your team or a group of people.

email trigger

Apart from these ways, you can also set conditions that need to be met to trigger an email.  Adding a condition is similar to using 'If, then' logic on your surveys.

Watch how simple it is to set up: Click to watch video

Use triggers to improve relationships with your customers.

A negative response should never be taken lightly if your focus is customer satisfaction. Set the email trigger to notify when you receive a negative rating. And, when you receive the email, act upon it by contacting the customer to know what went wrong.

Setting up an email trigger on Zoho Survey is easy. Engage with your customers and respond to them no matter what feedback they give you.


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  1. How can I set up more than one criteria? It looks like it will only let me have one condition? For example, I want the email to go to a different person based on the location AND the rating given. Help!

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