Zoho Survey - Multiple Feature Updates

Eagle-eyed users of Zoho Survey would have noticed a few more options popping up over the past couple of weeks. Wondering whether you might have missed any? Here is the whole list:

Transfer your Survey

Have you ever been in a situation where you created the perfect survey, and your friend begged you for a copy? Or you simply wanted to move your survey from one account to another, without losing all the reports you have painstakingly gathered? It's quite painful to type the whole thing out again.

The 'Transfer Survey' feature bypasses these issues. You can now send a 'Copy' of your survey (reports excluded) to any account. You could also 'Move' your survey (reports included) to another account.

Transfer Survey

How do you copy or transfer your survey? Check out this help link on Transferring Surveys.

Surveys in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian

With a new enhancement to our 'Translate Survey' feature, all our RTL Surveys (Arabic, Hebrew and Persian) are truly right aligned. Even your options' buttons change positions to match the language's unique style.

Arabic Survey

CRM Enhancements

For the Zoho CRM users out there, this one is for you. We have 3 new enhancements to the Zoho Survey's Integration with Zoho CRM.

Send pre-set values to your CRM report:

Let's assume you have a 'Lead Generation Survey' and have put it up on your website. Now in your CRM report, you might want the 'Lead Source' to be updated as 'Survey' every time a potential fills it up. This enhancement allows you to do exactly that.

Choice Mapping:

Let us take the above example of the 'Lead Generation Survey', in which you have a question 'Where did you find out about our service?'.

Before this update, your options needed to be quite impersonal, saying 'Advertisement' or 'External Referral'. Not any more.

You can now make your choices more relevant, say 'Saw an advert' or 'Friend/Colleague told me about it'. These options can then be mapped to show 'Advertisement' or 'External Referral' on your CRM. This gives you clean CRM reports and a great Survey. Win-win.

Zoho CRM Choice Mapping

How do you do these? Check out this help link on Adding values to your CRM field.

View your CRM lead's email in Survey's report:

You don't need to go to your CRM reports anymore to figure out who said what on your surveys. With this enhancement, your lead or contact's email address will be displayed in the Zoho Survey reports section. How do you do it? Nothing much, really. The integration with Zoho CRM takes care of everything!

Tag your Survey

Got a long list for Surveys? Tag them!

With this enhancement you can tag your survey with labels, enabling you to search better. As simple as that. You can filter tagged surveys, or simply search with the tag name on the search bar.

Need a more detailed explanation on Tags? Check out this help link on Tagging your Surveys.

That's all folks! Well, not really. Look forward for more features popping up over the next few weeks, and do let us know what you think of these.

Have a great weekend. To the people from the United States, we wish you a happy Fourth of July.


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