Zoho Survey Introduces a New Enterprise Plan for Organizations

If you want to be the owner of a multi-user group, with the ability to manage permissions for users then, you will love the Enterprise plan. I give you further reason to love it - you, as an admin, need only purchase a single account with Zoho Survey, adding multiple users to your group as required. Read further for more details.

Zoho Survey Enterprise

Manage users

As the admin of a group, you become "all powerful" with permissions. You can add users to your portals from various departments of your organization. For instance, you can create separate portals for the sales team and the marketing team. Use multiple portals to organize your surveys, add users and assign the role of a member or vendor to each user.

Member - A member belongs to your organization. Members can create surveys and view all surveys and reports in the portal they belong to.

Vendor - A vendor does not belong to your organization but, can be added to the portal to create surveys. A vendor has access to only the surveys he has created.

Data always remains secure

Send out surveys and access all of them under one account. With all your data in one place, no matter the downsizing or upsizing of your groups, all the reports under various portals will remain secure.


The enterprise plan comprises the premium features of Zoho Survey. You pick two users on the plan initially and add more users as you require.

Visit our help section for details on the Enterprise plan setup. Email your questions to support@zohosurvey.com


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