Survey More. Survey Anywhere: Announcing New Features in Zoho Survey

This winter, we've made Zoho Survey even better with a whole new set of features. They will help you get survey responses without an internet connection, double the chances of survey completion with auto-fill and improve the overall experience for your respondents. Here's a complete list of the latest features:

Offline Survey

Have you ever been to an event and wished there was a way for you to collect all the valuable feedback people share when you meet them in person? You don't have to worry anymore as you can now gather feedback on your iPad - without an internet connection. Our new (also awesome) feature, Offline Survey allows you to gather data or feedback through surveys even without a data-enabled mobile device.

Offline survey

This feature comes in handy when you are out on the field, at a conference, convention or any business fair where you need responses from your target audience. Continue to create amazing surveys and get responses without the worry of being connected to the world wide web. All the offline responses can be uploaded to your survey account once you reconnect the device to the internet. Know more

Custom Variable

You can also add custom variables to store and pass on additional data to your surveys. For example, to track from where your respondents have taken your surveys (Facebook, a website, blog or any webpage) you can append the tracker in your survey URL through a custom variable. To get additional information for research, respondents do not necessarily have to fill out the information for you, instead, use custom variables get the job done. Know more


Piping allows you to personalize your questionnaires for every respondent. In simple terms, piping is taking a respondent's answer to a previous question and inserting it or piping it into the following question. Customized questions based on respondents answers create a satisfactory survey taking experience. Piping is a good way to prompt a response, leading to better survey completion rates. Know more


Questions can be pre-populated with known information to help respondents save time filling out your survey. By including known variables in the URL or an initial value, a field you specify is pre-populated so that the respondent does not have to take time to fill in information that is already available with you. There's an advantage with the autofill option; the content in the pre-filled field can always be changed by your respondents. For instance, an email address field (pre-populated) can be changed by a respondent wherein, they fill out their new or changed email address which you can then update in your records. Know more

Trend Reports

Do more with your custom reports to find patterns or trends from the past to the present. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views will provide the insights you require to evaluate trends in your business or customer behavior or other parameters. Sharpen future decisions on the basis of trends analysis from the data you receive. Know more

Do these features make a difference in the way you present your surveys? Tell us.


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