Analyze Your Business Data Stored in Cloud Storages & Drives

More and more of your business data reside on the cloud now. For better convenience, you now sync your files online, using cloud services like...

Zoho Analytics 1 min read

Managing your email attachments got better with Dropbox integration in Zoho Mail

We are glad to announce that we have integrated Dropbox – one of most popular file storage and sharing services out there – into Zoho...

Zoho Mail 2 min read

Email your files to Dropbox via Zoho Projects

Last week we announced Dropbox integration in Zoho Projects. On this front today we’re listing out the possible ways to sync files in Dropbox via...

Zoho Projects 1 min read

Share from Dropbox and simplify your work in Zoho

Zoho Projects 4.0 is keeping our developers busy working on some amazing stuff. While rest of us get to see the latest Projects News feed...

Zoho Projects 2 min read