One year of Zoho TeamInbox: The first milestone in a long journey ahead!

Launched in the August of 2020, Zoho TeamInbox celebrates its first birthday today! We have been thrilled to see so many wonderful responses and support in the world of business. Since our start, we've focused all our energy into improving every aspect of the product to better suit our customers' needs. Every bit of feedback and suggestion we've received has kept us driven to perfect our platform, both in enhancing features and the user experience. We owe all of this to you!

We're looking forward to the long journey ahead of us, and we believe that every milestone in our path will keep us improving for users.

As we grow our customer base, our responsibilities towards them also grow. In the past year, we've kept adding more features and functionalities so we can provide better solutions. To look back on our first year, here are a few highlights:

Flexible sender addresses

You can now associate more than one address as the sender addresses of your inbox. While it is mandatory to associate at least one sender address with your inbox, it doesn't necessarily need to be the inbox source address anymore. When you compose an email, you can select the one that your recipient recognizes. Team members can also set their personal addresses as sender addresses.

Response templates

For common questions and queries, create and save email templates for your team to use while writing replies. This way, you don't have to waste your time and energy writing the same content over and over, and you can also maintain consistency across the team.

Insightful reports

Know how many emails are flowing in and how many you are able to respond to and resolve in a given time period. Measure your team and inbox performance with the highly intuitive metrics based on your organization's activities.

Multi-channel notification

Get notified on events happening within Zoho TeamInbox across multiple channels and devices. Always stay updated, even when you're not at your desk, so you never miss anything important.

The past year was both intense and fun, and we took every possible opportunity to learn and grow as a team. We look forward to continuing to make Zoho TeamInbox better and to make emails and team work lot easier for you.

If you're still not a member of Zoho TeamInbox, give us a try today!


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