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Emails are an essential mode of communication in the business world. They’re used to engage with customers, promote products, follow up on meetings, and for myriad other reasons. Despite other communication options, business dependence on email remains strong.

As email messaging continues to evolve, one of the most significant benefits it offers is the effectiveness of group email in reducing time and speeding up communication. However, group emails are not all that effective if you are in a hurry to send a message to many people. You can forget CC or BCC to one person or accidentally send an email to an external sender. Moreover, the more emails you send and receive, the more cluttered your email inbox can get. So what alternative do businesses have for effective communication and collaboration?

The solution is simple: shared inboxes.

secure shared inbox

What is a shared inbox?    

A shared inbox is a collaborative space that makes your group emails accessible to the entire team from one shared space, giving you a more organized and clutter-free virtual workspace. You can keep track of emails, stay on top of what your employees are working on and share your thoughts and ideas—all on a common platform. 

With Zoho TeamInbox's shared inboxes, you can stay in touch with your team in real time, engage in discussions, send out replies, and even categorize all related emails in one section—all right from your inbox. This helps enhance work distribution, increases efficiency, and boosts productivity.

Having a shared inbox also improves the transparency of information between employees, boosting team engagement and efficiency. Because everyone has access to the email inbox at any given time, it helps them stay aware of what's going on in the company, what deals are being finalized, what the top priority tasks are, and which emails still need to be replied to. 

Zoho TeamInbox allows users to categorize their emails according to different teams. So if two teams are using an inbox simultaneously, they can use separate team tags for to sort their emails.

It also allows users to archive emails once they have responded to them, put lower-priority emails on snooze, and categorize emails related to a particular topic in one place by assigning a special tag to them. This helps streamline your inbox and makes it easier to find emails quickly.

A shared inbox like TeamInbox is the perfect digital asset management tool to store, handle, and organize all your team's digital content. Since information flows more freely between team members using a shared inbox, your team can make better and more confident decisions.

Email encryption 

While flexibility and efficient information-sharing are important, there will also be times when you want to exchange private or sensitive data, including credit card details or other confidential information. These emails can easily be intercepted by malicious attackers if they are not properly encrypted.

Email encryption ensures that even if a hacker intercepts your email message, the encryption will make the content of your email unreadable and therefore useless to the hacker.

Zoho TeamInbox stores all your emails on a secure server in an encrypted format. It breaks data into fragments, and each fragment is further encrypted for utmost safety and reliability. TeamInbox uses an SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt data between your device and server.

Unlike most other email providers who only provide encryption once it arrives in a mailbox and not during transit, all of Zoho's emails are also encrypted in transit using TLS. The app also indicates and separates emails marked with TLS encryption from other providers so users know which emails might be at risk from hacking.

Secure shared inbox     

From enhancing customer interactions to improving the efficiency of business operations, these are the following advantages Zoho TeamInbox offers:

No need to share credentials  

A shared inbox does not require sharing credentials with everyone on the team. Each member will use their password to access the inbox. Thus, when a member leaves the team, you can just remove them from your organization and they will no longer be able to access your inboxes.

Your inboxes are thus safe from unauthorized access, and TeamInbox allows you to set up multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

 Admin controls everything   

The admin of the organization determines the level of transparency within the shared inbox for each person. The admin holds the authority of deciding what action team members can perform in an inbox. For example, the admin decides who can view or reply to emails. Roles and permissions can be modified any time based on the responsibilities of the member.

Data encryption  

As mentioned before, all of your email data is encrypted during transit, as well as when it arrives in the inbox for safe and secure transfer of data. Zoho TeamInbox is fully secure and is only visible to those who have access to the inbox. This means that no one from outside the team can see your messages, unless you share it 

Record all actions   

All actions taken on each email will be recorded in TeamInbox's activity log, so admins and team leaders stay up to date on all activity in the organization. 

What can you do with Zoho TeamInbox?    

Let's take a look at some functionalities Zoho TeamInbox offers for your business.

Organize large threads   

Your inbox will often have emails regarding different topics or tasks, like a sales project, a marketing campaign, or a PR shoot. Zoho TeamInbox allows you to mark related emails under one tag so that they are easily distinguishable. This will enable teams to find information quickly and easily.

Use preset responses  

You can create preset templates for specific emails for your entire team to use when short on time. For example, you can have a template for arranging a meeting or a template for approving a deal with a client. This will also ensure that team members can send out consistent emails in the absence of a manager or a lead.

Set a stylish signature   

All of your team members will use the same inbox for sending various emails, so it makes sense to create an automated signature for the sake of uniformity. This way, you can be sure that all outgoing emails look and feel the same way to the recipient.

Moreover, this consistency makes your emails look more professional and elegant. You can even set a standard signature for your entire team that they can use automatically at the end of their emails.


With Zoho TeamInbox, you can have a collaborative, secure and private workspace for your entire team to come together and work. Email messaging is here to stay, so it is crucial to optimize your email communication for your team and your customers. Try Zoho TeamInbox to ensure that your team can make every minute count.


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