Exploring the nuances of data sharing with WorkDrive

Data is the driving force of any organization. It has to be shared within a team, across departments, and with external collaborators to improve operational efficiency. File sharing enables an even distribution of data at all levels of a business.

According to Gartner, by 2023, organizations that promote data sharing will outperform their peers on most business value metrics.

Functional silos in businesses are one of the biggest challenges in business and often lead to a lack of synergy within a company. Building a culture of data sharing and accelerating the flow of information will allow employees to access the same up to date information, regardless of their levels at the company.

To help businesses explore a safer, more efficient way to share data, WorkDrive is promoting new ways of file sharing that meet the needs of businesses today.

Work as a team

Sending documents via emails has become an outdated method of data sharing. In this earlier method, you would have sent work files to your team and waited for them to respond. This was often slow and time-consuming in those traditional models of file sharing.

WorkDrive's Team Folder has revamped the way teams work by making collaboration as easy as opening a folder. It offers a shared space to accommodate your peers and work with them in real-time on specific projects. Add members from your company, assign granular access levels based on their roles, and work in complete synchronization.

That means you don't need to share a file individually with your team members all the time. Add or create a file in a Team Folder and the document is automatically available for your team, enabling them to access it right away.

You can create multiple Team Folders based on your company projects, campaigns, or events, and add specific members to work together.

Streamline data across departments

Most firms have multiple departments with various processes and functions that need to collaborate to achieve a common goal. For example, a product team may need input from the marketing team on a campaign.

In this case, the product team can share a particular file or folder with members of the marketing team without giving them access to their entire Team Folder. They can assign relevant permission to their inter-departmental coworkers and collaborate with them in real time, receive instant updates about edits, and track changes right within WorkDrive.

External collaboration made simple

Sometimes, you need to collaborate with external clients and business partners to pursue shared goals and ensure quality project deliverables. With WorkDrive, you can securely share corporate data with external collaborators for seamless collaboration. External users can access and download files, and add comments, replies, and @mentions.

Streamline external sharing with custom share links, and optional security features, like password protection, enabling or disabling downloads, and expiration dates. You can also track user activity on each link separately and get statistics on who viewed or downloaded your files, as well as when and how often they were viewed.

Instant download links

Consider the legal or healthcare industry: they frequently have to send notices and reports to their clients or patients on a daily basis. Instead of sending it through email or other insecure applications, they can easily share these sensitive files by creating secure download links.

With WorkDrive, you can send your files with a click. Create custom download links to share files with different user groups and get statistics on who accessed the file, when, and how many times it was downloaded.

Generate embed codes

If you want your content or media to be highlighted on a third-party website or blog, you can create embed codes for your files and add them to web pages or social media platforms. These embedded codes will reflect the same content, media, or document on the user's web page as the source file, even after the file has been updated.

You can restrict downloads or allow anyone on the internet to download and print your embedded files and media.

Enable short term collaboration

Sometimes, you might need to work with a client or a business partner for a specific project. In these cases, sending files back and forth can be a tedious and even unsafe process. With the volume of data stored in your email, it can be difficult to track and manage a particular thread.

With Client Users, you can bring them into your WorkDrive account and securely collaborate with them for a certain period. Simply add your clients to the required Team Folders, set access permissions based on their roles, and work with them on documents in real time. This way, you have better control over your shared files and can ensure data security.

Every organization must ensure seamless data accessibility to their employees to breakdown information silos. You need a tool that offers a collaborative workspace with optimum storage and a solution that secures information in its stored and shared state. That's exactly what WorkDrive is: a secure cloud-based sharing and collaboration platform.


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