A quick walkthrough of WorkDrive updates in 2022

As we look forward to 2023, we're reflecting on 2022—another productive year for Zoho WorkDrive. We hope the features and enhancements rolled out last year have shown that we hear you, and will continue working to provide the solutions you need and deserve. Thank you for joining us on our 2022 journey!

Here's a recap of all the features that we released last year:

1. Build with WorkDrive

We published our API at the very beginning of 2022. This enabled organizations to build their own applications on top of WorkDrive, which means they can integrate us with their business apps and streamline data flow across their companies.

2. Get the most out of your Team Folders

A Team Folder is a shared space where you can work with your team in real time. We have introduced a few updates to help your teams access and collaborate on documents more effectively:

Access crucial data faster

Do you find it difficult to locate a particular Team Folder amidst a group of Team Folders? With the Pin feature, you can find important Team Folders faster by pinning them to the top of your Team Folders list.

Get a detailed view

We have enhanced the visibility of Team Folders with this update. Now, you can get a comprehensive view of Team Folders you've joined, pinned, and can join. You can also decide which Team Folders should be displayed on the left panel—all, pinned, or none.

Duplicate folders for multiple clients

Most companies work with multiple clients. It may be necessary to create separate Team Folders for each client, with the same set of files and folders, containing items like portfolios, business ideas, or project details. With our new enhancement, you can duplicate a Team Folder and work on each copy individually.

3. Annotations for PDFs, images, and videos

Annotations help you make critical or explanatory comments on a section of text or a diagram.

PDF annotation

With our latest update, you can work with your clients or team members on a PDF. Go to any particular page and add comments specific to any image or section of text.

Image annotation

With image annotation, you can add comments to any specific part of the image and work with your clients or team members seamlessly.

Video annotation

With video annotations, you can go to any frame of a video and add comments with a corresponding timestamp. This way, you can share specific ideas and expectations with your team.

4. Organize your collected files

With WorkDrive's Collect Files, you can receive documents from both internal and external users. We have added a few functionalities to enhance your collection process.

Categorize files by user

Want to organize the files you collect from different users? We hear you! Now you can create a separate folder for every unique user based on their name, phone number, or email address.

Create a collection report

Receiving files is important, but it is crucial to have a collection report for audit purposes. With our latest update, you can get a detailed log of who submitted what and when by creating a collection report.

5. TrueSync for desktop updates

Locate your synced files faster

TIred of scrolling through a list of synchronized documents to find the right file? Now, you can search for files and folders from the TrueSync app on your computer and instantly access the data you need.

Sync multiple accounts

Now you can sync up to three WorkDrive accounts to your computer with TrueSync. This is especially useful if you belong to multiple teams, while maintaining an individual account. You can now sync all your accounts to your PC.

Share right from your sync apps

Does your company use desktop sync applications frequently? Then this update is for you. Share files with password-protected external share links, add expiry dates, allow or deny downloads, and collect user information directly from your sync app.

Universal installer for TrueSync for Mac OS(M1/M2/INTEL)

We have enabled support for machines with M1 & M2 Apple and Intel chips. That means you can access TrueSync from any Mac machine.

6. Go mobile and work effectively

Mobile devices are the new laptops and many people now use them to access files. Here are some of our latest WorkDrive mobile app enhancements:

Access folders offline

The days of manually enabling offline access to individual files are long gone. With this update, you can make an entire folder available offline to access all your work files on the go—even without an internet connection.

Simplify your work with widgets

We've introduced intuitive widgets to help you upload files to your WorkDrive account, search documents, and perform other functions right from your home screen. This enables you to access necessary features easily and efficiently.

Design or craft ideas with ease

With Scribble, our drawing tool, you can bring your ideas to life and upload them to WorkDrive without any extra steps. Get your creativity flowing with the help of a pencil, eraser, and color palette.

7. More recent updates

Work with text

With the iOS 16 update, WorkDrive now supports the Live Text feature. Copy text, open links, make calls, translate, share, and more, by selecting a portion of text within an image or PDF stored in WorkDrive.

Track MS Office activity with WorkDrive Sync (Windows OS)

Does your company use both the MS Office Suite and WorkDrive? Now you can track live user activity on MS Office documents stored in your WorkDrive account. Get notified when a user is working on a document that you have opened. Once the user updates the file, you will get the most recent version.

And that’s a wrap! We look forward to bringing you more exciting feature updates this year!

Until then, take care and have a joy-filled holiday season.

Note: We have listed only the most popular updates that we released this year. If you want to see all the updates, you can visit our blog or the What's New page.

For feedback and questions, please write to us at sales@zohocorp.com. You can also follow us on TwitterInstagramLinkedInFacebook, and Quora for interesting WorkDrive news and product updates.


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