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They say teamwork promotes creativity and improves productivity, but a typical workday says otherwise! You start your computer, wade through a pile of emails, reply to important ones from your team, create an agenda after checking the status of each task, and share it to your team. By then, it's time for lunch!

After eating, you remember that you had to call a meeting to discuss a new project. With that done, you start working with your team on your monthly report. After waiting for stragglers, and four phone calls to gather the files you need, you and your team are left with a half-done report.

And now it's time to go home.

If this is your story, we have something to make your team's workday more productive–Zoho WorkDrive. WorkDrive is an online collaboration tool for teams to store, share, manage, and work together on files. Read on to see how WorkDrive helps you power up team's productivity.

A shared space for every project

Zoho WorkDrive introduces a new way to work together–Team Folders. A Team Folder is a shared space where your team can add files and collaborate on them. You can have a Team Folder for different projects, teams, or departments in your organization.

Collaboration–when you're ready

Being able to work with your teammates in a shared space is great, but what about those times when you need to build on an idea before getting your team involved? Files created using Zoho Office Suite remain in a draft state and are visible only to you, until you're ready to make them available to your team.

A space of your own

Zoho WorkDrive gives you the best of both worlds–Team Folders that make teamwork more convenient, and a space called My Folder where you can create or upload private files.

Secure external file sharing

Share files with external stakeholders while still retaining complete control over them. You can create multiple links to share files with different people or groups, secure them with access controls and expiry dates, restrict recipients from downloading the file, and even request user information. You can also track the number of views and downloads for each of these links.

Delegation of responsibilities

With Zoho WorkDrive, team management can be divided at the team and Team Folder levels, so it doesn't have to rest completely on your shoulders. The super admin can delegate responsibilities at the team level by granting admin rights to other members. And every Team Folder works independently and can have multiple administrators.

The super admin can also view a timeline of activities at the Team Folder and team levels, and filter and monitor important activities.

Access from anywhere

Your team no longer has to be the first to the office and the last to leave when a deadline's looming. You can now access team files and work from your phone while travelling or just away from your computer.

Offline access

Internet outages can grind your work to a halt. But with the Zoho WorkDrive desktop app, you can sync team files to your desktop and work on them offline—and all your latest edits will be synced to the cloud once you're back online.

Team storage that fits everyone's needs 

Most file management software gives everyone the same amount of storage, regardless of their needs. However, Zoho WorkDrive gives you shared storage with no individual limit. That way, a designer who needs more storage than anyone else on your team gets it, and your quality analyst's unused space doesn't go waste.

And the best part? You get all this at a very budget-friendly price.

So give Zoho WorkDrive a spin and tell us how it helped your team. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know in the comments below, or write to us at support@zohoworkdrive.com.


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