Almost finished writing your book this NaNoWriMo? Now, you can easily process it with Writer!

Here are a list of tools to easily process your book with Writer this National Novel Writing Month.Imagine: you’re almost done writing your book. You sit down and try to finish the last couple of pages and polish your work, but suddenly your dog starts barking, you lose focus, and you end up with pages of spelling errors, margin misalignment, and more. While we can’t take your dog out for a walk, we can give you a list of features to help you polish that manuscript with perfection.

Here are all the Writer tools you can use to perfect your book before publishing:

Let Zia be your second eye
Even great writers overlook small errors when they’re in the flow of writing, but not Zia. More than just a grammar checker, Zia’s your AI-powered assistant that’s trained to help you write better.

From spotting grammar errors, detecting informal writing, suggesting better word choices, and so much more, Zia is your intelligent solution to making sure each of your sentences are the epitome of perfection. The best part? She does all this while working quietly in the background in real time.

Read more about Zia, your AI-powered writing assistant, here.

Find and replace, the advanced way
We’ve taken the usual Find option up a notch. You can now find and replace almost anything, from symbols to line breaks.

How is this supposed to help you as a writer? Well, say you’ve finished writing the entire 50,000 word book and you suddenly decide to change the main character’s name or get rid of any unchecked line breaks. With this option, you can change character names and get rid of all line breaks in one go without having to do the tedious job going through each page individually.

Read more about Writer’s Find and Replace option here.

Get that 3rd, 4th, and 5th opinion
With Writer’s real-time collaboration tools, you can share your book with your mentors, beta readers, and NaNoWriMo partners, ask their suggestions, review comments, and even track the changes they’ve made.
Read more about Writer’s collaborative tools here.

See how collaborators engage with your book
Worried a few passages might be too dense or that the big reveal is too slow? This chart tells you which sections your collaborators are spending the most time on, which can potentially indicate that your readers find those particular pages harder to comprehend (or that they just really liked that particular section).
Read more about Writer’s engagement insights here.

Export your work
You’ve finally finished writing your book and you want to export and send it over to your agent. Writer gives you the option to export your work as a PDF or DOCX file, all while keeping the formatting and the layout of your manuscript intact.

In case you’re still working on your book or yet to start, here are some tools to help you get going on your project.

Novel templates
To get a headstart on standard novel formatting, we’ve built in our novel templates with industry-default specifications, so you have everything from character spacing to margin alignment and more in place as you write.

Read more about Writer’s novel templates here.

Distraction-free writing tools
Writer is equipped with tools to make sure that when you’re writing, it’s just you, your thoughts, and nothing else. There’s Night Mode to help you write late while keeping it easy on your eyes, Focus Mode to help you concentrate on one paragraph at a time, and so much more.

Read more about distraction-free writing tools here.

Writer offline
Leave all distractions behind, including the internet, and take your work to places that will inspire you to write. Offline mode in Writer ensures that you can continue writing and saving your work when you’re somewhere with no connectivity or even when there’s a sudden connection loss.

Read more about Writer offline here.


Finally, imagine losing your work or even a part of it after you’ve poured your heart into it day and night just because you forgot to hit “save.” With Writer, you won’t ever have this worry, because Writer automatically saves all your work as you type.

What are you waiting for? Get started. Write away!

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Happy novel writing and stay safe!


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