Announcing 7 new user-requested features for Writer

Keeping in mind the spirit of this holiday season, we decided to pick some of the most requested features from our community and add them to Writer as a small token of gratitude for the incredible love and support you’ve given to Writer all these years. We’re extremely thankful! ?


Holiday treats from Writer


Here are 7 new updates we rolled out this month that should make a big difference in the way you use Writer. We hope you like them!

1. “Keep with next”

Have you ever been in a situation where your heading keeps slipping to a different page as you add more text to the paragraph below it? You can now link headings to the text below by asking Writer to Keep with next. This will ensure that no breaks are inserted between the paragraphs you select.

Keep with next in Writer

A similar option is also available for tables. If you don’t want data in a row to flow over multiple pages, turn off the Allow row to break across pages option.


2. Putting an end to your date-format troubles

“dd-mm-yy” or “mm/dd/yy”? What’s the right format to choose while working with a client in a different locale? Different countries around the world have unique conventions for writing dates, and it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. We’re making this easy for you with new language-aware date fields.

Date picker in Writer
To get to the date picker, go to Insert>Date

Pro-tip: If you want the date field to show updated dates based on when you’re accessing the document, check the “Update automatically” box in the above panel.


3. Better table controls

Table controls are now more granular and better organized. The new distribute options can make all your rows and cells evenly spaced in one click. We’re also introducing multiple options, like At least and Exactly row heights to configure the finer details of tables in your documents.


4. Resuming and restarting lists

The new Continue With Previous List option is perfect when you’re trying to merge two separate numbered lists—separated by a paragraph in between—into a single series. On the other hand, you can also split an existing list into multiple lists using the new Restart Lists option.

list options in Writer


5. A brand-new look for your published pages

Some of you have reached out to us about how the document publishing feature has been helpful in publishing your own mini-blogs, or in sharing instructions within your team. This month, we gave it a new all-white look.

Document publishing
The updated look of pages published using Writer

The canvas is now wider—giving more space for your content to breathe. The page also displays the approximate reading time a visitor might take to finish reading your published piece.


6. Quicker ways to change capitalization and find fonts

We added a couple of shortcuts to help make formatting easier. Do you toggle between sentence case and title case often? Capitalization toggle is now available on right click. Looking for a particular font? The font dropdown now has a search field to locate your specific font name.

The new formatting shortcuts

Can’t find a font you’re looking for? Writer now suggests similar fonts from our library for you to use. Learn more about font alternatives, and why we removed some of the proprietary fonts here.


7. Responsive embeds

The way Writer documents behave when embedded onto webpages has been completely reworked from the ground up. We’ve added support for responsive layouts, giving you the freedom to generate embeddable documents in any size or aspect ratio you want.

That’s all for now. Let us know how you like the new updates in the comment section below. Keep your eyes peeled, Writer is gearing up for something big, and you’ll hear more from us very soon. Interesting times ahead! ?


Happy writing!

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