Our Mail Carrier is Now Stronger Than Ever!

We’re flexing our muscles. Our mail carrier is back after some intense training.

We’re extremely happy to announce newly bulked-up Mail Merge options in Writer. Send emails, letters, labels, or envelopes to up to 500 people at once, without breaking a sweat, and without dogs chasing you.

HR executives can use it to send interview letters, teachers can use it to send out circulars—Mail Merge makes reaching out to a wider audience really easy. It can even handle minute details, making sure your mail or letter looks custom-tailored for each recipient.

Here’s a list of things our mail carrier has learned to do better:


1. Working with Forms

Trying to gather contact information? Use Zoho Forms to create a form you can send out to the people you’re trying to reach. Information entered in the form will be then synced with Writer and added to your Mail Merge database.

Event managers can use this to send out thank you letters to attendees. Businesses can respond to customer surveys with acknowledgment messages. Even simpler tasks, like sending party invitations or rental applications, can be done in a jiffy.

Smart, effortless integration between services has always been our goal at Zoho and that’s why we’re particularly excited about this feature. We’d love to see how you use it.


2. Labels and envelopes

Automate the way you add data from your data source. Our new advanced field, <Next Record>, takes you to the next row in your data source, so that you can display multiple records on the same page. It’s perfect for creating labels and envelopes.

To make the job even simpler, we’re also adding a set of label and envelope templates. From shipping labels to Avery-compatible layouts, we’ve got your needs covered.

Label templates
Go to File > New from Templates to see the complete list of templates.

Looking for a specific template? Don’t hesitate to write to us about it at support@zohowriter.com.


3. Database creation

Create your own database and bring order to scattered information. Just click Create New Data Source and Writer will open a new spreadsheet for you. Fields entered there will be then added to Writer for you to insert in your document.

There’s more to this update. Here’s a complete list of what we’re announcing today.


Happy writing!

New to Writer? Writer is a powerful collaboration platform, built on a clean and crisp writing space. Add people to your document. Talk it over with comments and live chat. Track changes they make. All real-time, all free!

Start Writing. Write Away!



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