Now viewing on your phones = viewing on the web: Introducing Page View in Writer's Mobile and iPad apps!

Bringing everything you see on Writer’s web version the exact same way on your phones and iPads. 

“I’ll get home and finish up when I can view the doc properly on my laptop.” Sound familiar? Most of us have heard or said something like this when viewing documents on our phones or iPads. This very sentence is what we at Writer wanted to get rid of. After a couple of years of research, we’ve combined the power of paginated view with a brand new editing engine in Writer’s iOS, Android, and iPadOS apps.

Here’s everything our new Page View (beta) offers:

Everything in its original print format

With this new update, whatever you see on your phone or iPad is exactly how it’ll finally look. The biggest advantage is that Page View helps you view and edit documents on your phone or iPads in their original, print layout. Formatting, margins, and layouts will all be exactly like how you’d see it on the web version, or when printing/exporting it.

Larger documents, less loading time

We’ve all sat through that awkward loading time before we can show our work to our colleagues. Not anymore because even big documents with 50+ pages, complex tables, and numerous images will now load about five times faster in the new view.

A smoother and more polished experience

To complement the faster load time, documents on your phone and iPad will now have smoother scrolling and images will sit in the layout better. The new Page View has multiple smaller improvements that make the overall experience more polished.

That’s all for now. Let us know what you think of this update in the comments below.

 Happy writing and stay safe!


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