The year we've had: Writer in 2019

As the year comes to a close, we all like to look back at what we’ve accomplished and the amazing memories we’ve made. Here at Writer, this year has been an incredible uphill climb! With our brand-new logo, a comprehensive automation hub, new novel writing templates, and more, our aim was to continue building a word processor that caters to the varied needs of a wide audience.

Thanks to everyone for being part of this amazing journey with us! As we look forward to the new decade with you, we’re pleased to offer this sneak peak of what Writer has to offer in 2020.

First, here’s a quick look back at some of the biggest updates we rolled out this year:

What’s in store for 2020?

Improved workflow for end-to-end document assembly

Merging documents will have a new smarter, step-by-step process, where everything from template creation to final output is clearly defined. Prepare your template with fields, create your own workflow, set your output options, and then save your template to merge later. This means whenever you open that particular template, your workflow is already defined—all you have to do is merge it.

Restricted comments

Control who sees your comments and who doesn’t. With this option, you can add comments for specific collaborators while hiding them from others.

Document states

Get live updates on your document status from within the document itself. Now, know at a glance whether your document is in review stage or awaiting signature from your last signer without the help of email notifications. We’re introducing live document status by integrating with Orchestly, Zoho’s business workflow software.

Thanks for spending 2019 with Writer! If you have a favorite update of those we introduced this year, let us know in the comment section below.

On that note, we wish you a joyful holiday season and an amazing new year!

Happy writing!

Zoho Office Suite in 2019 | Zoho Sheet in 2019

Make Zoho do more for you: You can now use Writer, along with Sheet and Show, as part of our cloud office suite and other collaboration tools by signing up for Zoho Workplace or Zoho One.

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4 Replies to The year we've had: Writer in 2019

  1. When are your documents going to be editable on an ipad in your Writer app? This is a major inconvenience for my team when every time we open a document it can only be read in Preview.

  2. You guys rock! Images are very important for those using Google Docs or Zoho Writer for manuals, guides and simple marketing sheets. I hope to see this program develop further.

    1. Hi Jorden! We're so glad you like these updates :) We're constantly working on improving the Writer experience and adding more features.

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