Update: Email docs, RSS feeds of public docs & more


With today’s update, you can email the documents that you have created to multiple email IDs from within Zoho Writer itself. And there are options too to send them as HTML (here again there are the inline and as attachment options), doc or PDF (sxw, OpenOffice’s doc format got dropped the last minute due to a minor issue & Ranjith says it’ll be avl in the next update).

Separate RSS feeds are now available, one for all the public docs & the other for public docs of a particular user.

In bug fixes:

Issue with Spell Checker (the tool couldn’t check some docs before) has been fixed. When a doc is shared with a user who hasn’t got an account with Zoho Writer, it’ll always be Read Only (even when its given Write permission). This too has been fixed.

Happy collaboration online.

And do visit the Zoho Writer forum – #/




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