Update :- Publishing and More Blogging

We are happy to anounce an update today. This update has come out with Support for more blog and blogging APIs and Publishing documents to our public directory.

More Blog API Support :
In addition to the support for Blogger, we have added support for typepad and Live Journal. This update also provide support for custom blogs that supports Blogger API and the MetaWeblog API. Some blogs that uses these API are Word press and Text Pattern.

Publishing Documents :
Now you can provide a public access to your documents. These documents will be listed under the https://www.zoho.com/docs/writer.html?/public/ directory.

We are working on spell checking of the document and some more features which will be turning around in our next update.

Do write to us your views and feedback on the service. We will be happy to hear and incorparate them to make easy usage of the service.

Stay tuned ..!

Cheers !!


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