Get the full Writer experience on more platforms: Introducing Writer's desktop app

You have it on your mobile, now you can have it on your desktop too. Writer’s desktop app is now available for macOS, Linux, and Windows. 

The wait is finally over! Thanks to everyone who wrote to us. Our team has been hard at work to give you the new desktop versions of Writer for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

At Zoho, our focus has always been on offering great software at an incredible value. Our new desktop app is no different. Complete with a fully-featured toolkit, our new desktop app serves as a great (and free!) alternative to traditional word processing software, that could otherwise take a big bite out of your wallet.

Get the app:    macOS    |   Windows   |    Linux

Without further ado, let’s dive into what Writer’s desktop app has to offer:

Get the same powerful Writer experience

We haven’t cut any corners. We took all of Writer’s features and carefully condensed them into a smart app, making everything from writing and editing to signing and collaboration as sturdy on your desktop as in our browser version.

The same powerful Writer experience


Work offline

Take your writing offline with our desktop app. With Offline mode enabled, Writer will take your 20 most recent documents offline right away, so you can continue editing and creating documents even with no internet connection. Writer will save everything automatically and, once you’re reconnected, it automatically syncs all your offline work to your account in a snap!

Work offline on your desktop

Take your work to your desktop

Say you started working on a document on your phone or iPad while traveling. Once you get home, you can sign in and sync your changes with the desktop app to continue working on a bigger screen.

Take your work to your desktop

Switch to Writer, the Microsoft Word alternative

Writer’s desktop app is a fully featured word processor, so you can access all the editing and formatting tools you need to help create beautiful documents—making Writer a strong Microsoft Word alternative that’s completely free.

Along with the above updates, we also gave our existing Mac OS app an upgradeto include Offline mode. Now you can take your Macs to places with no internet connection and still get your work done!

Switch to Writer, the MS Word alternative

Get the app:    macOS    |   Windows   |    Linux

That’s all from this installment of our Writer 6 feature series! Let us know what you think about this update in the comments below, or by posting in the Writer Community.

Happy writing!

Read the complete announcement.


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