Writer, now on your iPad and Android tablet web browsers!

You can now enjoy unrestricted access to all Writer’s capabilities from your iPad and Android tablet web browsers!

Our latest update to the Writer mobile site empowers you with all the same tools and features as the existing laptop/desktop version.

You don’t have to be tied to your laptop or install any mobile apps for full-fledged access to all Writer’s capabilities. Now, you can create, edit, format, collaborate on, automate, distribute, email, or publish documents, right from the web browser on your mobile device.

Consistent experience across devices

Whether you are using a web browser on your laptop, iPad, or Android tablet, Writer provides a seamless and consistent experience. Writer’s mobile site is optimized for larger screens, so Writer will look exactly the same whether you’re on your laptop or your iPad or tablet’s mobile web browser.

Unrestricted access to all Writer’s capabilities

Writer gives you the freedom to be truly mobile, while working without any restrictions! With access to all Writer’s features from your iPad and Android tablet’s web browsers, you can work on the go without sacrificing features. Create, collaborate, share, review, or automate—you can do it all from your mobile web browser!

1. Create fillable templates on the go

Easily construct fillable forms right from your iPad or Android tablet. Quickly and confidently build your forms and complete your work either remotely or on the go.

2. Set up document automation  

Merge and generate critical business documents, like invoices, forms, and proposals. Trigger actions, like signature collection and document emailing, using just your iPad or Android tablet.

3. Instantly publish your work

Your iPad or Android tablet is all you need to create and publish a compelling, neatly formatted story, blog post, or article.

These are just a few examples of how you can leverage all the capabilities of Writer to accomplish your goals from a mobile web browser.

Whether you’re working from the office, your home, or anywhere in between, Writer helps you easily and confidently deliver your best results!

Try out Writer from your mobile web browsers and let us know your thoughts. Need any assistance? Write to us at support@zohowriter.com

Happy writing!


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