Introducing Zoho Meeting's collaborative Whiteboard feature!

Real-time collaboration has become a challenge for businesses and educational institutions ever since the pandemic. Though seamlessly connected over audio and video, we all miss the live collaboration that happens in offline sessions. One such collaborative tool we long for in remote work is the whiteboard in our conference rooms and lecture halls. So, why not bring it to our online meeting platform?

Introducing Zoho Meeting’s whiteboard feature. Now, brainstorm and collaborate on projects in real time with virtual whiteboards. Jot down ideas, prepare flowcharts, and efficiently collaborate with your team on one common board.

Whiteboard feature

Features of Whiteboard that allow for efficient collaboration:

  • Text & Text styles – Use text boxes to enter text of your choice, and style your text with different fonts, color, and alignment. Insert bulleted lists, numbered lists and use a highlighter to jot down important points and key takeaways.
  • Shape recognition – With advanced shape recognition, Zoho Meeting’s whiteboard feature recognizes rough sketches and converts them into perfect shapes. This will be useful for participants to make a quick point during meetings.
  • Insert images – Upload and add images to your whiteboard with just a click. Discuss and collaborate on images, collaborate on what can be made better, all using one whiteboard platform.
  • Easy-to-use flowchart shapes – Make use of the 10 default shapes, with or without fill, to create a quick flowchart and solve complex tasks. Insert shapes like rectangles, squares, arrows and enter text to quickly create a flowchart.
  • Download whiteboard – Keep a copy of your meeting whiteboard by downloading it as an image file during or after the meeting. Use the downloaded image for future reference and also share the image with necessary members of the organization.

Whiteboard features

What can you do with Zoho Meeting whiteboard?


Take your virtual classrooms a step further with our brand new whiteboard feature. Explain complex concepts using flowcharts, and jot down quick summaries to ease the overall virtual teaching process.

Business collaboration

Brainstorm and collaborate using the whiteboard that’s visible to all the meeting participants. Instead of taking individual notes, remote business teams can note down important points in one place. Also, enter the to-do tasks, prepare flowchart to complete complex tasks, and do much more with one common whiteboard.

It’s time to level up your remote collaboration with our whiteboard feature. See you soon in the meetings!

Learn more about how to use the whiteboard feature in Zoho Meeting.

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