Writer's smart assistant, Zia, is now fluent in French!

We are thrilled to unveil the French version of Zia, Writer's AI-powered writing assistant. Click here to read the blog in French.

Ever since we added Zia to Writer, she's been a favorite among users. In fact, Zia has become so popular that we continuously get requests for a multilingual version. We were excited to fulfill this popular demand. So, we added Spanish, the most requested language. Then, we started teaching Zia French.

After almost two years, we can confidently say that Zia is extensively trained in multiple variants of French. As with English and Spanish, she instantly spots grammatical errors and suggests corrections. Plus, she helps fix typographical errors and style issues. Now, you can easily create concise and clear content in French.

How does Zia help?

Zia refines and enhances the quality of your writing with the capability to:

  • Spot and correct grammatical errors

  • Highlight typographical errors and offer suggestions

  • Improve your writing style and quality

  • Enhance the readability of your text

Zia is also available as a free French online grammar checker for any quick help that you might need.

1. Spots and corrects grammatical errors

With the help of an AI algorithm, Zia understands your sentences and their context, and identifies and highlights grammatical errors. She also offers suggestions to fix those errors.

  • Highlights article errors: Identifies misuse of articles—and suggests the right article.

  • Points out adjective-pronoun disagreement: Highlights sentences where the pronoun doesn't match the noun's gender, number, or placement.

  • Identifies adjective-noun agreement errors: Points out text where the adjectives and nouns don't match.

  • Helps avoid possessive adjective-noun agreement errors: Highlights improper usage of possessive adjectives in your text.

  • Identifies demonstrative adjective-noun disagreements: Draws attention to demonstrative adjectives that are improperly singular or plural, based on the corresponding noun.

  • Points out numerical errors: Highlights improperly formatted numbers.

2. Highlights typographical errors and offers suggestions

Zia identifies typographical errors and offers suggestions to correct them. She'll alert you to mistakes like:

  • Missing spaces around punctuation

  • Repeated words or spaces

  • Capitalization errors

3. Improves your writing style and quality

Zia offers suggestions to improve your content quality. She highlights overused expressions, clichés, nominalizations, wordiness, improper word choices, and more to easily and instantly refine your content.

Highlights hedging words and phrases

Draws your attention to instances of hedging in your content, and helps you make you craft text that is more direct and confident.

Points out redundant phrases

Helps you identify and remove redundancies to make your content crisp.

Spots informal writing style

Offers suggestions to transform informal writing into formal.

Spots missing or incorrect contractions and apocopes

Identifies archaic words

Helps keep your content and style relevant by pointing out words that are no longer widely used.

4. Enhances the readability of your text

Zia helps you determine how easily your content can be consumed, with a readability score based on multiple metrics. Run-on sentences, long sentences, or incomplete sentences—Zia helps you easily identify and fix them all.

Word cloud

Zia offers visual insights into the usage of words in your document in the form of a word cluster.

The size of each word in the cluster is determined by the frequency of its occurrence in the document. This would be especially useful while working on SEO-focused articles.

Furthermore, we've rolled out Zia as an online grammar checker for English, Spanish, and French languages. We've also released Zia as a browser extension, BluePencil, for English proofing on the go wherever you write across the internet!

That's all for now! We are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions to make Zia better. Send your feedback to support@zohowriter.com.

Happy writing!


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