Your guide to Zoholics, Zoho's annual user conference

Zoholics is our annual, flagship conference that brings the Zoho community together for an unforgettable, interactive experience to learn and grow. Each year, our goal is to make Zoholics the most helpful and down-to-earth conference possible.

Zoholics happens around the world. This year in the United States, we’re hosting events across the country to make attending more convenient and cost effective. Our first stop will be in Pleasanton, CA on April 20–21, followed by Jersey City on April 26–27, and then Austin on May 3–4.

Whether you're a Zoho newcomer, a long-time user, or just curious about the value Zoho can bring to your organization, we welcome you! Check out our events page to register.

Not sure what to expect from the Zoholics experience? Here's your full guide.

What is Zoholics? 

Zoholics is our yearly opportunity to get the Zoho community together for two days learning, support, networking, and inspiration. Meet with our product experts to get in-depth answers to all your Zoho-related questions, connect with executives and managers across industries, and get an inside look at our latest product plans and innovations.

Since the first Zoholics in 2012, our event has grown to include over 15 countries worldwide with thousands of customers attending each year. These conferences are divided up so that they remain accessible, immersive, and personalized. This year, that's even more true for our US events, which will be spread across three major cities in the country.  We want to bring the Zoholics magic closer to your doorstep, cut down on your travel time, and connect you with a localized network of business professionals.

These US events are also limited to a few hundred attendees. This allows us to have ample staff on hand to support every guest and address your most pressing business needs. It also gives a more intimate and comfortable feel to Zoholics—a feeling that more grandiose conferences can't replicate—where guests feel at home enough to have deeply productive and fulfilling conversations with each other and with our staff.