Zoholics 2014: Four Events, More Interaction


With the success of Zoholics events in 2013, we are expanding the number of Zoholics events in 2014. Last year, our Zoholics event was CRM centric. We will host similar event this year and is going to be called ‘Zoholics: Sales & Marketing‘. Apart from that, we are adding three additional events with Productivity & Collaboration, Finance & Developers specific agenda. It will be four Zoholics events in 2014 – one very quarter – focusing on a different set of Zoho applications.

Zoholics: Developers

Zoholics: Sales & Marketing

Zoholics: Productivity & Collaboration

Zoholics: Finance

At Zoho, we like hosting events that enable personal interactions. Interactions that help you learn how to get more out of our products, and we get to understand how you use our products in your business. As the size of the events grow, these personal interactions are lost. To avoid this, we want to keep these events to a manageable size. So the number of available seats for these events are going to be limited. We recommend you block your seat early. Early registrations also will get a chance to pick up one-on-one slots with some of our employees.

On The Road

With our ‘On The Road’ events, last year we extended the reach of Zoholics to multiple cities in US – Dallas, Chicago & New York. Through our partners, we also hosted events internationally – in UK, France & Netherlands. This year, we are expanding our one day road events further. Internationally, we are hosting events in Portugal & Spain this month through our partners. We will host one day events in several cities in US & Canada – Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles & Toronto to name a few. We will also be hosting a Zoholics event in Bangalore, India for our Asia Pacific audience. Details about  these events will be updated on our website.

We look forward to meeting you at one or more of these events.


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