Authy killed their desktop apps. Time to switch to a reliable authenticator. Time to switch to Zoho OneAuth.

Zoho OneAuth Authy Alternative

Twilio's Authy recently announced end of life (EOL) for their desktop apps on March 19, 2024—five months ahead of schedule. This puts a lot of users' accounts into chaos, and the lack of time doesn't help. If you are in caught in this chaos or on the lookout for a good desktop authenticator to replace Authy, this blog post is for you. 

Desktop authenticator alternatives to Authy 

Desktop versions of authenticators serve a specific need and are on their own quite useful.

For example, many people use two-factor codes multiple times in a day while accessing their apps and online accounts. A desktop authenticator makes it easy to access these codes without having to pick up their mobile app.

But not a lot of authenticators focus on building and maintaining desktop authenticators.Moreover, current Authy desktop users are being asked switch to the Authy mobile app, and this might not be optimum for their use.

When we were building Zoho OneAuth, we realized that to make it the complete authenticator, it should not just be an excellent mobile app but also versatile and present across platforms. Our dedicated Mac app has been available since 2021, and our Windows application has been available since 2023.

Zoho OneAuth Multi Platform Support

Dedicated teams ensure a dependable 2FA authenticator

Our desktop apps are as feature-rich as our mobile application, which means you will get cloud backup & recovery, folders & more on your desktops too. We are also usually the first to adapt to the latest OS updates.

We stress the fact that we have dedicated teams working on each of these platforms because this will ensure regular maintenance, timely updates, and fixes.

So, if you are looking for a dependable desktop authenticator as an alternative to Authy, check out Zoho OneAuth.

How to move from Authy to Zoho OneAuth 

If you are one of the many who are affected by Authy's EOL decision, you can migrate your accounts by following these steps after downloading OneAuth:

  1. Head to the app or service for which you have already configured TFA.

  1. In the settings, disable the current TFA.*

  1. Enable TFA again in the app or service. 

  1. Scan the QR code generated with the OneAuth app.

*Some services may allow you to configure another authenticator app without having to disable your current TFA.

Authy unfortunately does not currently allow for direct import from their apps.

However, if you are using Google Authenticator, fret not; you have the option to import your 2FA accounts from Google Authenticator.

We also have added an option to export all your accounts from Zoho OneAuth—this will give you more control over your accounts.

If you would like to see a detailed feature comparison between the two authenticators and know why Zoho OneAuth is the best alternative to Authy, go here.

Zoho OneAuth is free forever 

Yes, Zoho OneAuth is not free because of a promotion, but because providing a secure way to access accounts is core to Zoho's philosophy.

Read about Zoho's security and privacy commitment here.

If you are hearing about Zoho OneAuth for the first time, check out all the features we added recently to make Zoho OneAuth a more secure and user friendly authenticator.

Download OneAuth now!


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