Switch over to the dark mode with OneAuth for Windows

Earlier this year, we released OneAuth for Windows.

If you are among the 74% computer users on the planet, you can now easily authenticate Zoho OneAuth directly from your Windows laptops, desktops and tablets.

Zoho OneAuth for windows had been one of our most requested features and with this update we are truly an all-platform authenticator available across iOS, Android, macOS,watchOS, ipadOS & Windows. 

Dark Mode GIF for Zoho OneAuth

Now, we went ahead and added dark mode to the Windows app. While the benefits of dark mode have been discussed widely, it is definitely one of the most preferred modes of use.

For some, light text on a dark screen is also supposed to improve readability and ensures better energy usage.

So go ahead and enable dark mode on OneAuth for Windows now.

Download OneAuth Now

The dark mode can be activated easily from the settings menu in OneAuth and also can be made to reflect the device theme.

Here's the path you can follow:

OneAuth Settings>Personalize> Dark mode.

If you are new to Zoho OneAuth, explore the complete authenticator for all your online accounts from Zoho for free. Our enduring promise is to provide an easier, swifter and safer authentication experience for everyone on the internet.


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