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“When I was willfully staying overtime to work on work-projects, I knew that I must truly love what I’m doing! To me, web-design and SEO was a fun hobby that I just happened to do for work, so I knew that I could be successful on my own.”

Quick to Impress founder Jeff Garibay had this realization after working as a corporate web-designer for several years. He was ready to leave his corporate job to start his own venture, and immediately knew he had a very important need to fulfill in order to make his entrepreneurial venture successful.

“I needed a tool that allows me to demonstrate for clients how to use their content management system. I wanted to dial-in remotely, see what they are seeing, and be able to walk through the whole process of any updates or support that they need.

I had experience using Five9 at my previous company, but that wasn’t really robust enough for my needs. When I looked at other options, they didn’t look too promising…until I found Zoho Assist.

The Business: Web Design, Development and SEO Expertise

Quick to impress was founded by chief developer and designer Jeff Garibay in 2012. Initially starting as a solo project, Quick to Impress has grown to three principal employees whose collective motto is “small team, big results!”

In Garibay’s words: “Quick to Impress is a design, development and search company based out of Chicago, Illinois catering to local small and medium sized companies. We focus on working on businesses who are tight on budget and really try to make it possible for them to get everything they need in terms of web design, development, and SEO without having to break the bank.”

The Challenge:  Trouble Shooting and Solving Customer problems remotely 

Jeff Garibay – Founder

Soon after starting Quick to Impress, Garibay began to notice some glaring inefficiencies when helping customers.

“We were having issues with efficiency in terms of customers calling us with problems and us not being able to identify exactly what the issue was. Customers might call and tell us they were performing a certain action when in reality they were accidentally doing something completely different, but we had no way of really knowing.”

At this realization, Garibay began searching for a solution to this important communication issue.

Selection Criteria & Competitive Analysis of Remote Collaboration Applications

Garibay cast a wide net in his search for a remote collaboration application and initially found many contenders.

“I looked at several possibilities including Five9, Salesforce, and LogMeIn but in each case it either didn’t fit my needs, or was well out of my price range. I started doing some Googling for my needs and each time I would see Zoho Assist show up in the search results. I thought the name was catchy, so I went ahead and checked Zoho out!”

Soon after looking at Zoho Assist, Garibay knew he had found something promising.

“I wanted something compatible with Mac devices, easy to use, web-based, and most importantly even easier to use for our customers. Zoho Assist fit every criteria I was searching for and did so at an amazing price.

The fact that Zoho Assist was just so easy for my customers to use was big! Rather than having to download a bunch of plugins to get started, they could simply go to a website, log in, and be good to go.”

Implementing Zoho Assist: Instant Remote Access

“Joining a Zoho Assist remote support session was as easy as can be.”

Garibay recalled one memorable case that cemented his belief in Zoho Assist.

“There was a Chicago-based non-profit organization we were working with that was having multiple issues with their current host and was looking for someone to manage their websites and get everything going. Essentially, they told me that they needed us to take their hand and walk them through everything involved for setup and maintenance along the way.

This client who, to put it lightly, was not technically savvy, had absolutely no issues logging into or joining a Zoho Assist session. That was a all the proof I needed that clients would have an easy time using Zoho Assist.”

Life Zoho Assist

“We can now see what our customer is seeing very effectively.

Before implementing Zoho Assist, a customer would contact us and say ‘I can’t update my page’ or ‘I can’t publish a new page on my site’ – but the problems were really difficult to address without seeing exactly what the customer was doing or what actions they were taking.

Now we can simply log into Zoho Assist along with the customer, ask them to demonstrate the task that is causing the issue, and quickly diagnose the problem.

The entire process has become vastly more efficient.”

Would You Recommend Zoho Assist to Others?

“I would definitely recommend Zoho! Anyone looking for an IT solution that allows you to walk through problems and diagnose issues with client along with something that will not kill the budget, I would recommend Zoho Assist all day!”

To learn more about Quick To Impress, CLICK HERE


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