Zoho Assist - Zoho CRM : The Integration That Made Remote Support Possible In A CRM Solution

Zoho Assist, the ultimate remote support tool, and Zoho CRM, a global multi-purpose CRM empowering over 250,000 businesses across 180 countries to convert more leads and customers, have joined hands. The best of both worlds now work together to redefine your business experience and provide your customers with unprecedented service.

Once you integrate Zoho Assist into your Zoho CRM account as a simple extension from the marketplace, you can initiate a remote support or screen sharing session seamlessly, securely, and directly from Zoho CRM. The integration allows you to be more flexible, fast, and efficient when managing your remote support solutions.

Schedule, organize or start a remote session with your contacts and leads, just like that 

With the new Assist integration, helping your customers while working around your schedule is as easy as it gets. You can start an on-demand remote session to launch it immediately, or plan and execute a scheduled remote session with your contacts or leads.

You can even create and coordinate a remote session, and wait until later to assign leads and contacts to it. Click here to learn more about how to integrate Zoho Assist in your Zoho CRM account and instantly launch a remote support session.

Stay on top of your schedule 

Combining Zoho CRM’s versatile features with Assist’s ability for flexible and fast remote support opens up new avenues for efficiency. You can view the details of every remote session conducted, initiated, requested, and scheduled with your contacts and leads. Never miss a chance for follow-up and make sure you’re always on track.


And that’s not all—you can even set customized reminders to make sure you never miss a scheduled session.

Change of plans? Hassle free rescheduling

With the Zoho Assist-CRM integration, it’s never too late to edit the details of a scheduled remote session. You can easily reschedule, update your customized reminders, and trigger an email with updated details to the respective contacts/leads. You can also delete a scheduled session and have meeting attendees updated automatically.

You’re only one step away from trying a cutting-edge customer management solution. Click here and test it for yourself, with a 15-day trial subscription and setup that takes less than 30 seconds.


4 Replies to Zoho Assist - Zoho CRM : The Integration That Made Remote Support Possible In A CRM Solution

  1. Hi I try to use Zoho assist for CRM. But in contact page can't push [assist support] button , also cant push [share my screen] button. so I just try to uninstall and Reinstall this Extension. But attached picture message appered. I cant re-install again. How do I do? now

  2. Great feature update. Are you adding a new integration to the settings? (I don't see one now for CRM) When will this be available? Where are the setup instructions?

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