Pick a ready-made CRM template for your business with Bigin. Forget long, complex CRM setups!

Have you ever wondered why CRMs always come with preconfigured names and buttons? Clearly, not every business is the same, so why most CRMs still haven't broken past the one-size-fits-all philosophy is truly baffling.

Sure, you could get a CRM and then customize it to fit your business, but what if you don't want to expend that much effort, you just need something that fits so you can get to work? At Zoho, we decided to offer a solution for just that situation with Bigin.

Introducing Bigin Templates: Bigin now provides different templates tailored to some of the most popular types of business that use our CRM. We carefully studied these business types, starting from how Bigin fits your individual teams and scaling up to your entire business.

Here is what you can expect Bigin Templates to do for your business.

#1 Modules and pipeline that match your business

Using a Bigin template for your business means you've already circumvented the "customization" part of your setup. When you pick a template, the modules and pipeline stages in Bigin will be tailored to fit your business.

 You could be a real estate company selling properties, a law firm dealing with legal matters, or a grad school evaluating admissions—when you apply a template, Bigin's modules will have relevant names and functions, and the pipeline stages will accurately track typical deal progression.

It's not just that your modules look the part, Bigin will also only contain the modules that make sense to your business or team, curbing redundancies.

#2 Fields that talk business to you

What could differ more than stages between businesses? Well, fields. No two businesses are the same, and being able to store and retrieve information that absolutely aligns with your business can be a lifesaver.

We implemented a sophisticated formula to provide fields that are relevant to the type of business, with more emphasis given to field names and field types.

#3 Templates for teams

Bigin is frequently held up as the best CRM for small businesses, and we understand that with great power comes great responsibility, so we made Bigin Templates available for teams inside bigger organizations.

With templates made specifically for teams that focus on particular objectives, such as Customer Onboarding, Order Fulfillment, or Marketing PR, we made it easier to monitor progress efficiently and independently.

#4 Always and forever customizable

If you know Bigin well, you know it'll always be customizable. Using our Templates by no means limits users from making further alterations for an even better fit. Stages in pipelines, modules, and fields can still be edited, renamed, added, removed, or saved for later!

That way Bigin will always dance to your tune! 

A list of Bigin Templates you can get right away!

Bigin currently offers 14 CRM templates for 14 different business types with plenty more to come.

Bigin Templates are currently available for:

  • Real Estate

  • Order Fulfilment

  • Software Consulting

  • Customer Onboarding

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Website Launch

  • Press Release

  • Event Sponsorship

  • Startup Fundraising


With templates for Legal, Education, Insurance, and Used car sales, coming up in the following weeks.

 All you have to do is: Sign up for Bigin and pick a template from the list! It's that simple! 

Let us know in the comments what you think!


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