Rolling out new features and more power to your Calendar

We wear many hats in life. You're working on a big project with a looming deadline and you're taking those piano classes you always wanted for the longest time. You are also working hard to stick to your daily morning routine

Managing different hats can get tricky. But a good calendar can consolidate all of your to-dos in one place and help you tick 'em off quickly.

So that's why we've built features in Zoho Calendar that bring more context into your calendar. Let's take a look. 

Calendar inside your mailbox 

Say you're looking at an email inquiring about your availability. You can take a quick peek at your calendar while drafting your response.

With the new Calendar widget inside Zoho Mail, you don't have to switch to a calendar app to see when you are busy and when you are free. View your schedule and agenda for the day and easily create new events from your inbox.   

View meeting recordings in Calendar

Do you want to revisit that sales pitch you gave months ago? Or the team discussion you couldn't attend last Thursday?

You don't want to go through a pile of recordings to find that one brain-storming session you're looking for. Zoho Calendar now lets you view and download your meeting recordings right from your calendar events. That's right—if you choose Zoho Meeting as the conference in your event, the meeting recording gets saved to the event in Calendar. 

Allow forwarding —the more the merrier!

When you're holding a meeting or an event that would interest a wider audience, but you can't reach everyone directly, we've got you covered. Allow forwarding in your event and let the participants bring in friends who are interested in attending, because the more the merrier.

Even the tiniest detail in the products we use helps us a great deal in achieving the results we desire. At Zoho Calendar, we strive to build such nuanced features to make a difference in how you schedule and promote your events.

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18 Replies to Rolling out new features and more power to your Calendar

  1. These are great Features. Thanks for the hard work. But we still cannot create repeating appointments from the calender if we want to attach a meeting link. Therefore we need to create the meeting in the meeting app. This is a basic feature many services provide. That would be a really useful feature for the next update ;)

  2. You should focus more on two-way sync with GCal and other calendar tools. The current integrations only work one way. The mobile app you have for this is also busted. Many of us need to sync multiple calendars for work-life-balance.

  3. How can I forward meeting invites from the Calendar view? This is an essential feature, that I am missing on a daily basis.

    1. Hi Matthias. Please click on the event you want to forward and you'll be able to find the "forward icon" in the top right corner. Click on this button and type in the email addresses you want to forward the event to and click forward.

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