Freedom to focus on your email campaigns with an even better free plan

Better Free PlanAt Zoho, we believe that growing businesses should have the freedom to try and experiment as much as they want, without having to worry about limits. When we launched Zoho Campaigns, we had a similar goal. We wanted to make it easier for your business to define your email marketing campaigns and not worry about the process. And that’s why we’re constantly working on improving our product and pricing plans towards this theme.

It was during the first year celebration that we strengthened our free plan. And now, we’re making the free plan even more flexible. You now get 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month – Forever Free!

As a small and growing business, you no longer have to worry about figuring out the number of leads you’d get in a day or the number of emails you want to send in a month or even, the number of email follow-ups that would be required to make a sale. Instead you can focus on quality content to reach out to your customers. The free plan comes with a lot more features that helps you grow your business.

If you are an existing customer in the free plan, your limits get upgraded too. You can view this in the dashboard when you log in to your Zoho Campaigns account.

Like always, do keep sending us your feedback. We continue to work towards our goal to help you reach and engage your customers, wherever they are!


3 Replies to Freedom to focus on your email campaigns with an even better free plan

  1. We had started using Zoho Campaigns / Zoho CRM and it had worked for us in a country like Pakistan. Zoho Campaign is amazing with great details into report. Our revenues increased an extra 5% thanks to Zoho Campaign which was less then 0.5% of our marketing budget (did I give my secret away? not really!)

  2. Hi, We are currently paying 25$ for 2500 subscribers even though our actual user count as of now is less than 2000. How do we change to this free plan which gives 2000 contacts and 12000 emails. I tried finding the new plan but it still shows only 500 contacts under the free plan. Please update.

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