Smart email marketing: How to send targeted and interactive emails in today's digital world (Part 2)

Sending the perfect email campaign isn’t just a dream—it can even become a habit when you start adopting the right measures. Last week, we discussed five effective waysthat help you perform smart email marketing—thorough testing of emails, delivering emails at the optimal open times, batching of emails before delivery, handling the key email delivery metrics, and previewing emails prior to sending.   

Now, let’s look at the next set of tips that’ll help you smarten up your email marketing efforts and how Zoho Campaigns can help you put them into practice.

Adapting to perspective-based personalization

Dynamic Content

There’s a lot of difference between creating emails and creating relevant emails. The term relevant doesn’t just mean sending personalized content that a recipient wants, but doing it consistently and flexibly. There are times when your recipients’ preferences might change and their topics might differ; during those times, it’s important for your brand to reach out to them with the right content they need at that moment.

It’s time to create emails that speak to each reader in their own terms—the way they want to see your brand’s content in their inboxes. From providing their favorite deals to helping them sign up for the product of their choice, your emails and newsletters will have to dynamically cater to your recipients in the best way possible.

Dynamic Content from Zoho Campaigns helps you target multiple sections of the audience at the same time, but in a way that’s relevant for each of them. Using this tool, you’ll be able to tailor a single campaign with a variety of content, images, and calls-to-action—each specific to the corresponding audience set. For example, the same email can contain a $5 discount coupon for the new customers, a $10 coupon for your regular customers, and can be coupon-less for another section of the audience—all sent at once! 

Creating informed and interactive emails 

Email Polls

If email was your contact book, how would you want your audience to fill their details up? This question might sound quirky, but actually, your emails can do the job of getting more information from your recipients. To send the most interactive emails, you need to know and understand your audience well, and that’s possible only when you find the right means to collect information from your recipients.

With every email you send on behalf of your brand, make sure to focus on your audience’s interest and gather more information that can set the path for you to personalize your emails further.

Email Polls in Zoho Campaigns lets you attach polls in emails so that they can speak for your brand. With the help of question, number, and rating-based polls, quickly gather opinions, feedback, interests, suggestions, and everything you’ll need to set up targeted campaigns in the future.

Automatically segmenting your target audience

Bulk Segmentation

What do you do when you have a list with customers from a couple of regions and want to send separate email campaigns? Well, the first thing is to segment them manually, put them into groups, and then send the emails. But what happens when your mailing list contains people from, say, 50 countries? Would you still prefer creating manual segments? Obviously not. In those situations, you’d need a tool to save time while still successfully segmenting.

Zoho Campaigns provides Bulk Segmentation that lets you instantly create multiple segments within a mailing list based on the criteria you provide. Once you decide the segmentation attribute—say Country, Industry, Plan Type, Month of Purchase, and so on—you’ll have segments that are automatically created for you, even if it has to be the 50 country-based segments as in the earlier scenario.

Hearing your recipients virtually

Reply Tracking

As you create and send out emails, it’s important to consider how recipients will react to them. More often than not, you’ll see recipients replying to emails and showing an interest in your brand or its offerings. Smart marketers don’t let go of the chance to track what their recipients’ responses are.

Instead of manually garnering hundreds of replies to your email campaigns, the smart way is to set up a sentiment analysis to find out how many of the recipients who replied were happy, indifferent, or dissatisfied with your content. This saves time and groups recipients according to their satisfaction levels so you can view them from distinct angles.

The Reply Tracking feature from Zoho Campaigns helps you gather all the responses to your email campaigns and lets you sentimentally categorize them. Good, bad, neutral—you’re now better informed about the campaign performance, not just in terms of deliverability metrics, but through recipients’ voices too.

Finding the right email cadence

Email Cadence

Email sending is not a one-off activity—it requires mindful practices before every attempt. One important practice is to know when and when not to send emails. It’s understandable that as a brand you are tempted to send emails that keep your subscribers hooked, but it’s crucial to avoid being a potential spammer.

Perfect emails don’t overwhelm the recipients’ mailboxes. At the same time, they’re not only sent once in a blue moon. Finding the right balance is important. This proves that every brand should come up with their own ways of email engagement—the days that work, the times when emails should be sent, and the times to avoid.

There’s not one pattern that fits every brand, so there are unique email-sending patterns for different people. For example, sending three emails per week might work for ‘Brand A’ while sending three emails over 12 days might work for ‘Brand B’ and so on. 

With Zoho Campaigns, define your way of sending emails using the Email Policy option. This tool allows you to select the number of emails to be sent from your account based on daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. You can even have the email pattern monitored by the admin so that no other user will be allowed to forge email sending or attempt sending emails that are off the cycle.

We hope that our #SmartEmailMarketingblog series helps you learn some easy and simple ways to spruce up your marketing efforts and achieve the best results. Got some more ways in your mind? Do share them in the comments section below!


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