How busy sales people can boost productivity using an Auto Dialer

This is a guest post by Aditi Bainss, Content Strategist at JustCall

Sales teams work tirelessly to convert leads into customers and generate revenue for the company. Traditionally, salespeople have to go through the manual labor of dialing a contact’s number, waiting for them to pick up the call, and then proceeding with the conversation.

While on the call, it is vital to keep taking timely notes of every minute detail. This helps not only in maintaining a complete and thorough profile about the client, but also in referring back to this information in case of any issues in the future. This work, however, is highly manual. It not only takes a high level of multitasking from the salesperson, but also opens up various scopes of error. The salesperson might forget some particular detail about the call while jotting down notes after the call has ended.

Manual dialing a contact also takes up loads of precious time. These few seconds do not seem like much at the face of it, but if one considers the huge number of sales calls a salesperson makes in a day and then refer back to the seconds lost in manually bringing out the contact information about the client and dialing their number, this figure turns out to be huge.

Auto Dialer: The Ultimate Cloud Telephony Hero

An Auto Dialer fixes exactly this issue. Auto Dialer enables you to automatically dial a contact number at just the click of a button, right from Zoho CRM. It even empowers you to leave messages or voicemails, thus allowing you to stay in touch with your clients even if they aren’t available currently.

It bypasses the need to dial numbers manually and helps you save vital seconds. This not only reduces the amount of time and extra effort but also increases productivity at work. As long as your Internet connection is good and stable, your call will not get disconnected. This helps increase call connect ratio by several figures.

 Moreover, to keep track of everything that has been talked about during the call, you no longer need to keep taking down notes. It provides you with a call recording feature that records your entire conversation for you to refer back to later.

Additionally, once your call concludes, you can add disposition notes to your conversation and type out your thoughts or the next step of actions you would like to associate with the call. All this information gets logged together in a single interface with the customer’s previous information, making it very easy to access.

 What’s more interesting is that it also allows you to create a queue to assign calls to alternate salespeople in case the primary contact person is not available to take the call. This way it saves a lot of time for both your company and your client. Someone would always be there to pick up the incoming call. 

By enabling you to make calls at the swift click of a button, record calls, take down notes after the call, and assign calls to alternate salespeople on the team, an Auto Dialer sure does supercharge your team’s workflows.

With a lot of time and effort saved, smoother workflows, increased productivity, and faster information flow, customers are sure to be happy. Boost your team’s productivity and grow your business effortlessly by incorporating an Auto Dialer into your daily workflows.

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