Introducing Custom Fields: Now add customization for your products

Does your ecommerce business sell products that involve displaying additional information or receiving product-related information from customers? Zoho Commerce's new feature, Custom Fields, could be what you need.

What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields are product fields that can display or receive different types of information, including numbers, text, currencies, email IDs, check boxes, drop-down boxes, multi-select options, and auto-generating numbers.

Screenshot of custom fields feature

You can use these fields to either display or receive data. You could use them to receive product-related info like a message to be printed on your product, or additional notes for product customizations. You can also include a check box to agree to terms and conditions, or a drop-down for an option to be selected.

To display data, you can include order-related info like a date or a text to be displayed to your customers.

How to implement custom fields in your online store

You can include custom fields in your online store by creating them from the Settings page. All custom fields are added to your products using a default layout.

What are layouts?

Layouts are groups of custom fields that you can add to your products. You can create your layouts in the Custom Fields section.

Screenshot of layouts feature

The default layout contains all the custom fields you've created for your products, but you can choose one containing only the custom fields that you want.


Use the custom fields feature on your online store whenever you need additional information for your products. Learn more about implementing custom fields here:



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