Introducing the buy button: Convert your website into an online store instantly

Bloggers, influencers, and artists can now sell their products on their own websites using Zoho Commerce, while providing a seamless shopping experience. If you have any products that you'd like to sell, it doesn't make sense to open a new ecommerce store—you can just add your products to Zoho Commerce and embed them into your website.

The buy button feature allows you to embed your products into any blog or website. Once the customer clicks on the buy button, they will be redirected to a shopping cart containing the selected product for checkout.

How is it helpful?

Brand discovery

On the internet, when people see it, they buy it—that's the idea behind the buy button. People often aren't sure what they want until they stumble upon something on the internet. When this happens, they can be enticed into purchasing a product if buying options are simple as possible. Make sure the products you're embedding are chosen based on their popularity in your market.

Speedy checkout

The buy button is extremely successful among impluse purchasers, especially with relatively inexpensive products. Sometimes, the drop offs while using a mobile app or website can be huge if you have a complicated checkout. With mobile wallet apps escalating, it's easier to offer simpler and less time-consuming solutions for a speedy checkout.

Feel free to share how else we can utilize our buy buttons in the comments below!


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