Zoho ContactManager joins hands with MailChimp to bring your business contacts and email campaigns together.

Imagine that you are launching a brand new product, and you want all your customers to hear about it. You open MailChimp, create your mail campaign, add eye-candy, images, etc., and everything is all set to take off. But just as you’re about to click the shiny red ‘Send’ button, you suddenly wonder,When was the last time I updated my contact list?”

Actually, this is a problem most people face. You have all your contacts in one place, and you send email campaigns from another. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could somehow not only tie these two applications together, but make them interact with each other so you can send better targeted and segmented campaigns?

Now you can! We’re excited to announce that Zoho ContactManager is now integrated with MailChimp. Spend less time getting your contacts and campaigns connected—and more time making a connection. Read on for more.


MailChimp users feel right at home.
Once you’ve set up the integration, the data you’ve stored in MailChimp looks exactly the same when you open ContactManager: All your subscribers, lists, custom fields for contacts, notes, and campaigns (drafted, sent, or scheduled) get synced. So you can edit your data in ContactManager and see it updated in MailChimp, and vice versa.

Campaigns that arent complex.
Sending an email campaign in ContactManager is as easy as sending a email. Create an email draft, customize it with themes based on the demographics of your audience, and utilize your current templates to send out the best emails.

Work together to streamline tasks.
When your team is spread across different places it’s often hard to know how to bring them together to discuss a plan for the next campaign. But it’s not difficult with the ContactManager integration for MailChimp: Put down your ideas in a rough draft, assign it as a task to another team member with a deadline, and exchange notes before finalizing the campaign. Working as a team ensures that every bit of feedback is collected and your task gets completed in the most efficient way possible.

Measure your success with analytics.
You don’t have to run a bunch of complicated reports to know if a campaign was a hit or a miss. Click on any of your sent campaigns to get detailed statistics, such as open rate, click rate, and trend metrics in a simple, clean interface. Want to identify your star prospects and fans, and reward them? See your customer’s action on your previous campaigns, add them to a separate mailer list, and send them personalized offers and promotions to keep them happy.

Separate the signal from the noise. 
Relevant campaigns equal better results. Zoho ContactManager’s powerful search feature helps you segment your contacts according to age, location, gender, or any demographics of your choice. Now you can start adding these contacts directly to an existing MailChimp list or to one you’ve created on your own, and send them targeted campaigns  all from Zoho ContactManager.

Sounds good right? We rolled out this integration based on what our users wanted from us. So, go on, try Zoho ContactManager’s integration with MailChimp.If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, reach out to us at support@zohocontactmanager.com. We would love to hear from you!


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