Announcing Zoho Mail 2018, our coolest UI update

It’s been nearly two and a half years since the launch of the current user interface in Zoho Mail, and over 95% of our users...

Zoho Mail 3 min read

Introducing Email Genie: Bring the power of your website and CRM data to Email

Imagine that you were in a rush to board a plane, replied to a prospect in a hurry and later realized you sent an half-baked email and...

Zoho SalesIQ 2 min read

Civil War: Slack vs Email (Part 2)

Is there really a David to take down the Goliath of email, or do we just need to put old wine in a new bottle?...

Zoho Mail 4 min read

Civil War: Slack vs Email (Part 1)

He’s rich, he’s got the latest toys and he’s popular. But is he good enough to take down good ol’ Cap’n?

Zoho Mail 3 min read

Zoho ContactManager joins hands with MailChimp to bring your business contacts and email campaigns together.

Imagine that you are launching a brand new product, and you want all your customers to hear about it. You open MailChimp, create your mail...

Zoho ContactManager 2 min read

Unveiled: The new and improved Zoho Mail mobile app 2.0

With close to half a million downloads and counting, we have been enjoying the widespread success that our Zoho Mail mobile app has found. In...

Zoho Mail 2 min read

Turn unopened emails into closed deals with SalesInbox

Maybe you heard the news. We rolled out Zoho CRM 2016 last month, and the great reviews keep pouring in. It’s the biggest release in...

Zoho CRM 3 min read

Make expensing easy with Email Receipts!

For people who are always working on the go, there’s bound to be a lot of receipts in their inbox. From cab services like Uber...

Zoho Expense 1 min read

Email without compromise

Yahoo! Mail just announced that they are blocking users who have ad blockers turned on, from accessing their email. One customer summarized it this way:...

Zoho Mail 1 min read