12 new apps to try in Zoho Mail's eWidget

Zoho Mail’s Extensions Widget celebrates one year!

One year ago, in December 2018, Zoho Mail’s eWidget was released to promote integrations between your mailbox and other apps. With 13 applications, including both Zoho and third-party apps, we at Mail hoped to cover all the necessary facets of business operations—CRM, support, projects, finance, and password management.

As our eWidget turns one, we're back again with the next set of apps for you to use with Zoho Mail.

New apps in Zoho Mail's eWidget

Zoho Recruit

More often than not, application responders send their resumes to you via email. Now, with our Zoho Recruit integration in eWidget, you can upload those resumes into your database and create or edit candidate profiles directly from your emails as you read.

Zoho Assist

Your customer deserves the best support service, so anytime you find yourself in need of starting a remote support session, just start it within your inbox. The Zoho Assist integration in eWidget lets you seamlessly schedule and start remote support directly from Zoho Mail.

Zoho Notebook

The most requested integration between Zoho Mail and Zoho Notebook is here! Jot down your thoughts in a new note or make changes to existing notes in your Notebooks with our eWidget integration.

Zoho Sign

Email has always been the most trusted medium for sharing documents. With the Zoho Sign integration, you can digitally sign documents you receive in email attachments, and even set up an e-sign workflow to get the signatures from others.

In addition to these Zoho apps integrations, this year we have also included many third-party app extensions like TrelloHubspotDocuSign, Go to Meeting, Giphy, Egnyte, Pipedrive, and Highrise.

Check out these apps in eWidget and comment below the apps you would like to access within Zoho Mail!

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