Zoho CRM - 3 Ways to Use Mail Merge and be More Productive at Work

It’s been four years since we started offering Mail Merge plug-in for Zoho CRM. Thanks to this tool, printing mailing labels, sending personalized letters, contracts and other form letters to customers is as easy as sending emails.

Take the sales teams for instance. The ABC’s of sales, Always be Closing, is still as valid today as when Alec Baldwin brutally explained to us in the movie, Glengarry Glen Ross (warning: contains profanity). When you are done closing the deals, you still have to personalize and share sales agreements and other forms. Thanks to mail merge, you can now create templates to automate this routine task. So the next time you need an agreement, apply mail merge and the customer details will collate from the CRM so you don’t have to worry about filling out fields manually.

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Let’s look at how you can use the mail merge function in Zoho CRM – my own experience included. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers think:

Personalized letters and emails all from CRM

“I need to send an email to everyone in my member database, and for those that don’t have email addresses I need to send a letter. At the moment I need to export my records and import the email address list into Outlook or Gmail, whilst also doing a Mail Merge in Word.”

—Glenn Broadway

Well, he is very happy to get it all done inside CRM in much less a time without having to go anywhere else.

“Handwritten” Yellow Letters

“With my customized version of Zoho CRM, you’ll be able to enter a lead (or a thousand leads for that matter), and with 2 or 3 clicks of your mouse, print out ‘handwritten’ yellow letters.”

—Tracy Caywood, Founder  Property M.O.B

Address labels generated for invitations, even for weddings
My friend Josephine’s wedding was fast approaching and there was so much to be done in so little time. She still had to send invitations. No problem! We gathered all her contacts, just imported them into Zoho CRM and generated address labels in just a click.

These are just some of the possibilities of mail merge. I hope this helps you in your business and I’d love to hear your mail merge success stories!


15 Replies to Zoho CRM - 3 Ways to Use Mail Merge and be More Productive at Work

  1. Can the mail merge function be used as part of a workflow? That is, can an agreement be automatically generated upon submission and sent to the customer. Can this be done using a Word template?

  2. could someone please advise how i get the mail merge add on, and can i have pre loaded documents from my document control list linked so i can merge letters at the click of a button please>?

  3. Hi Aishwarya, We are migrating from Sage Act Premium 2013 to Zoho CRM Plus, one major challenge in Zoho CRM is Mail-Merge not recording history of communication in contacts and there is no way you can attach merged (edited, customised from mass merge) document to individual contact. It is a very practical feature and was always available in ACT versions. This is creating a roadblock for us to be able to shift to Zoho, we have invested lot of time and energy in customising Zoho but got stuck with this issue. Is there any hope with Zoho to get this feature in-built in update or a way around solution. We send out 90% communication via letters only and in India still preferred communication in Government sector is Letter. Would appreciate your help. Regards

  4. I just want to see the history of mail merge with an attachment I have send to the list of contacts. Just like we can see the activities, notes, potentials on each contact.

  5. ZoHo CRM has another big flaw on mailmerge, unlike MS Word it does not remove blank lines in the address label - so disappointing as I have to export out to create in Word still, which is a pain. Please ZoHo, remove blank lines to make my life easier.

  6. Dear Aishwarya Krishnamoorthy Thanks for the respond Can you please guide how can i use the RTL? I have try to but i did not find any button for that Thanks and have a great day

  7. If you REALLY want a slick (super easy) labeling system, Zoho should work with Dymo labels to create an add-on like MS Outlook has. It's so nice it makes me sad to have left Outlook. Sometimes I go back just for that plug-in.

  8. Zoho CRM Mailing Label print have great potential. But for those of us who want to print mailing labels in the U.S. using this function... It's worthless. Why? Because the labels Zoho CRM tries to print are in a completely unknown layout, of 2 labels by 6 labels. I have searched at office stores and not found any. The vast majority of mailing labels are printed on Avery 5160 format labels. Until Mail Merge / Print Mailing Labels has that ability, the function is irrelevant, and I have to export to a spreadsheet, then merge into a Word or LibreOffice document that does print 5160s. Which takes infinitely longer than just printing direct from CRM.

  9. I love Zoho for the most parts but mail merge has a big flaw for me. I would love to be able to use an existing view say "Hot Prospects" and create a merge to the primary contact and have Zoho update the record to say they have had this letter so my team can follow up on it. Basically pulling information from both accounts and contacts but updating contact records with a history of what was sent I don't want to have to create a report for this as I have no way of recording who has had the mailer. Unless you can tell me otherwise of course :@)

    1. Hi Paul, It is currently not possible to record this automatically. But as a workaround, you can create a custom (Picklist) field, call it "Merge Mailer Type" in your Accounts and Contacts. So each time you send a specific type of mailer(using mail merge) to contacts in your view, you can also immediately apply "mass update" action to update this field. And you can record which type of mailer was sent from the picklist. 

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