Empower your business with the CRM-telephony integration

This is a guest post by Dmitri Tokar, Chief Marketing Officer at Zadarma, one of Zoho’s telephony partners.

Businesses have been quick to appreciate the cost savings and trading advantages IP telephony delivers. Integrating cloud telephony with CRMs is the next logical step towards exploiting this technology’s full potential. Integration enables your company to take full control over client communications throughout the sales process. This dramatically boosts client call-to-sale conversion rates.

Call clients with a single click

The old adage that “time is money” is highly relevant in today’s pressurized business world. It is not only a question of cash savings, but of improving the working environment. Integrating phone and CRM systems saves agents having to manage two systems separately, and manually dial clients. With a single click of a mouse or computer key they can have a much more efficient way to communicate with clients.

Client information at your fingertips

Easy access to client information is the key to effective customer care. When a phone and CRM are integrated, the customer call causes a virtual card to pop up with caller details, including a record of previous communications. Armed with this information, the company representative can offer the caller a personalized service that is based on a clear record of their previous interactions.

The value of recording calls

Many firms have come to recognize the value of recording customer calls. In even the best-run business, misunderstandings between clients and company representatives occasionally occur. Integrated phone and CRM systems support call recording. These audio files are indispensible to resolving disagreements with clients. In addition, they are useful in staff training sessions. You can even integrate your call recordings with call statistics!

Easy to set up and activate

People who are unfamiliar with VoIP sometimes imagine that only a “telecom wizard” would be capable of integrating their phone system with a CRM. They will be pleasantly surprised to discover that there is no need for any advanced skills. The process requires just three to five straightforward steps, and it takes just a few minutes. No need for any special computer or telecom knowledge, or major investment of time and energy.

Only pay for calls made

The advantages that come from an improved agent and client interface are not the only reason why a phone system and CRM integration has such a strong business appeal. Zadarma does not charge their customers anything for the system integration. The only expenses customers incur are the costs of outgoing calls, the price of the virtual phone number, and the costs of using the CRM system.


To learn more about how this telephony integration can transform your business, register for a webinar on September 20, at 1:00PM E.T.


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