Announcing Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox - A Chrome Extension To Make Your Sales Tasks Easier 

Announcing Zoho CRM for Gmail-A quick Chrome extension to manage your CRM

Email is the most essential part of your work life. Especially for your sales team, since each new inquiry means a new business opportunity.  According to a report by Radicati Group, almost 2.4 million emails are sent every second. One can only imagine how many emails we personally end up sending or receiving every day.

For a business trying to keep up their leads and contacts count high, these numbers are significant.

So what do you do with so many messages landing in your Gmail inbox every day? How do you make use of these emails to generate leads for your business? Switching tabs to add leads when you receive an inquiry email is a pain point for salespeople. It leads to lost time and makes collaboration between sales teams difficult. Now how do we organise emails for better ROI?

Zoho thought of this massive email traffic as an opportunity for sales personnel. We’ve developed an extension that intelligently extracts details from your email that you can save as leads or contacts in Zoho CRM. It also displays details about existing leads or contacts when you click on an email from them.

Here is a quick glance at Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox, a Chrome extension that will help ease your CRM concerns.

One extension to manage your leads, contacts and much more.

Manage your Zoho CRM from Gmail & Inbox

Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox shows you a complete customer profile immediately upon opening an email from the customer. Just open a message and you can perform a lot of operations. Choose to push details as leads or contacts, or see whether an email has attached data like tasks, previous call details, or notes from Zoho CRM. The Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox extension can help you boost collaboration, save time, and ease work management.

Hassle-free lead capturing

When you get good leads, you get good business. But generating leads for your business is a tough job! By installing our Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox Chrome extension, you can add new leads and contacts right from Gmail& Inbox, without even having to switch tabs. It saves you the hassle of typing the details into Zoho CRM account so that you can start your sales process without losing a minute.

The extension can also be installed easily from your Zoho CRM. Access it now from your Zoho CRM.

Visit Zoho CRM to install Chrome's Zoho CRM for Gmail

CRM data at your fingertips

You’ll never have to wonder again if the sender of a message is already one of your CRM contacts. This Chrome extension simplifies your sales team’s lives while they check their email. On top of that, you can add tasks and events, and log calls to and from customers. Take charge of your business, right from your inbox.

Available in 21 languages, Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox will help you increase your ROI by entering timely and accurate information about your leads and contacts to your CRM system. You’ll be able to keep it constantly updated to achieve your sales goals easily and efficiently.

Know more about Zoho-Google integrations. 


12 Replies to Announcing Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox - A Chrome Extension To Make Your Sales Tasks Easier 

  1. Not available for Free edition. Available in Standard but with more limited integrations. I think the picture above must be for Professional (which I don't have). Also I am having a problem with changing or adding a closing date - message says ERROR invalid data Field Name: Closing Date. Could this be due to different date formatting in the extension (year/month/day) and the Zoho field (day/month/year)????

    1. Hi, Thanks for reporting the issue. Our technical team contacted you and the issue was successfully resolved. It is available in the latest update v1.0.1.12. Please update to the latest version. Write to us at for further queries or suggestions.

  2. We have multiple businesses, with multiple zoho crm accounts sync'd to multiple GSuite accounts. The contextual gadget currently allows one click from Gmail into the related Zoho CRM account. Unfortunately this new extension doesn't seem to allow for multiple accounts.

  3. It scrapes the info quite well out of the email. Can we add more fields to it - I need more than it currently offers. Why not let it show same fields or custom fields as the CRM?

    1. Hi, To create a lead or contact quickly, we have limited the fields that can be edited while you create. To edit more fields, please create the lead/contact, visit that lead/contact in the extension and click on edit to add/edit more info. Please write to us at for any query or suggestions.

  4. Can We save an email to an Account. Some Clients have multiple Accounts or business ventures. Some emails related to Account are not Account Contacts. Insurance Underwriting An example. I Need to track Account Emails. Please Advise.

  5. Hello Swati, I tried the addon for Chrome and it seems to work great. There is however an issue. The staff members in our company cannot seem to install it. It keeps saying they do not have API access. What setting should we change, instead of making everyone administrators? Thanks.

    1. Hi Adriano A lot of interesting features are in the pipeline. Due to multiple dependencies, we can't predict the sequence and timeline of these features. Thanks for your love and support.

  6. Sadly still some bug fixes needed, I like to view the latest 20 accounts i've touched on Zoho from my gmail window but it has not refreshed itself despite any efforts on my part. The same 20 accounts show up every day.

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