Create Personalized Email Templates with Mail Merge from Zoho

Mail Merge from ZohoBetter emails mean better customer relationships. Introducing Mail Merge, for Google Docs—a contextual add-on to help you craft smarter email templates. Now you can draft emails with a personal touch, and send them from the document itself. Or if you still want to work on that perfect email, you can save your template and schedule it for later.  

Here’s how Mail Merge makes bulk emailing worries disappear: 

#Send up to 100 emails at a time
Mass emails can be tricky — personalized mass emails doubly so. With Mail Merge running inside Google Docs, sending beautifully crafted, personalized, business bulk emails is not just quick but also a great way to build lasting relationships with your customers. This helps boost productivity and efficiency by keeping your email process sorted.

#Zoho CRM or Google Sheets
Spreadsheets are a great way to store data. But sending emails using one is no easy task. Well, you can now use Google Sheets to personalize your emails. All you have to do is choose the sheet, choose the column name, and— voila!— your email is ready to go. If you have a Zoho CRM account, you can use its modules and fields to make your emails distinctive and personalized for the recipient.

Send mass emails with Zoho CRM data


 #Take documents from Google Drive
Created an appealing template awhile back or just not feeling up to writing a new one? Just find and open the document in Drive, attach the fields from Zoho CRM, and schedule your next email campaign, right from Google Docs. This way, you can use any document you’ve created in the past and omit the hassle of rewriting it.

#Send as a PDF
Generic letters are boring and they fail to create any kind of connection with the recipient. This is especially so when being sent as an attached PDF. Generic PDFs lack the authenticity that a personalized one carries. How exciting would it be to send PDF attachments in bulk, without having to separately create each one? Mail Merge gives you the option to convert and attach your email template as a PDF and send it with a message in the body, potentially saving you hours of work.

#Schedule. Send. Track.
Schedule multiple campaigns using Schedule for later. Or, if you feel you’re good to go right away, hit ‘send’ and your beautifully crafted email will be right where it should be: their inbox!

Schedule and track your emails with Mail Merge from Zoho

We’ve also made tracking information a cinch, with a reports section that helps you add a little more context to your email efforts. How many people opened the email, who read it, and how many times did they read it, all in one place. This solid foundation will give you a great start when it comes time to plan your next campaign.

All this and you don’t even have to visit your email client. Everything is sent right from inside your Google Docs. Mail Merge from Zoho is a quick, easy way to generate new leads, build better customer relationships, send quick group emails at work, or for any other way you want your emails to work magic for you.

Now, let’s get you started with Mail Merge!

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