Continue providing a comprehensive customer experience while going remote

Businesses are always finding different ways to approach the market, reach out to customers, monitor the capacity and function of their teams and, most importantly, adapt to ever-changing conditions. Keeping this in mind, we at Zoho are working rigorously to assist you with the right set of tools that can help you cope with this challenge.

Appreciating your customers and employees and empathizing with their needs and concerns is always a priority in business. But truly valuing customers is about more than offering them the right service at the right time; it's about providing a satisfying customer experience at every touchpoint, all the way from sales to support.

With Zoho CRM Plus, you can provide a consistent and comprehensive customer experience from the comfort of your home. Here's how:

Streamline the work of your remote teams 

While working remotely, establishing roles and responsibilities for each person in your organization is pivotal for success. If each team pulls in a different direction, it becomes hard to follow up and keep everyone in the loop.This may directly affect the experience of your customer.

Using Zoho CRM Plus, break down your intricate projects into small and effective tasks and assign them to specific members of your organization. Set due dates, reminders and priorities for each task and monitor the performance of your remote teams from wherever you are.

Simplify the work of your sales, marketing and support teams by converting complex and mundane tasks into efficient workflows using Blueprint in Projects. Let's say you want to initiate a refund process for customers who made orders before a certain date; manually tracking down each individual order could be incredibly tedious, but by using an easy drag and drop option in Blueprint you can create a workflow that will complete the task for you. This reduces the overall time spent performing tasks while ensuring that your remote teams do not miss out on any important steps.

Using Gantt charts, you can stay notified about critical tasks, their dependencies and any deviations between your planned and actual progress.

Enable self-service for your customers

Some customers are bound to have an infinite number of questions for you, more so in hectic times. Answering all of their questions might not be easy if you don't have enough support agents at hand. But, you can create a space on your website that contains answers to your most frequently asked questions so that your customers can get the information they need, even if no one is on the clock.

Using the in-app self-service feature (ASAP) in Desk, your customers can find answers to their questions from the dedicated knowledge base (customizable) on your website. Make website visits more valuable for your customers by engaging them with the relevant, contextual content they are looking for. By taking such proactive measures, you both improve your interactions with your customers while also reducing the workload on your support teams.

Templates in CRM 

E-mail is the ultimate business tool for communicating with your customers under every scenario. However, not all emails generate likes among customers; you need the right context with the right template. Templates become all the more important when communicating with a prospect because it sets the tone for your brand, makes your content look more attractive, and helps ensure a consistently high-quality experience for every recipient.

Let's say a prospect signs up for your upcoming webinar. Sending an empathic email that thanks them for signing up and giving them the gist of your webinar can project the right image for your business. You can build your own template by dragging and dropping features, or tailor a pre-built one to your taste. Your sales team doesn't need to spend time writing the same email over and over again; just set up a workflow rule that triggers sending the email as soon as specific criteria are satisfied.

Provide solutions through live chat

Your prospects and customers want to engage with you on your website more than any other traditional support channel. Enhancing your online assistance capability is imperative for creating the right impression among your customers. Zoho CRM Plus helps you do both.

SalesIQ helps you track your website visitor's footprints and engage them with proactive, contextual live chat. Let visitors pick the agent they want to chat with, or route them automatically to the right person. And cater to more customers by replying to their questions in their native language- the automatic language translation feature in SalesIQ helps you do exactly that.

The screen sharing feature lets customers share their screen with you so that you can provide them with real-time solutions and guidance for using your products.

Monitor your social media platforms in real time

The key to building your social media presence is by engaging your leads and customers with pertinent content. Coupled with and providing online support you'll build a positive experience for your customers that also increases your brand's reputation.

By using our social media management tool in CRM Plus, you'll never miss an opportunity to engage. Get instant notifications about action on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with a listening dashboard that tracks reviews, mentions and keywords you can reply to instantaneously. Convert public conversations into private ones by using the direct message feature. And with the live stream feature, you can have meaningful, personalized conversations with everyone that interacts with your brand. Zoho Social gives you contextualized information about each person-- details about previous interactions, their social handles, and demographic information.

Stay connected to your leads by bringing Telephony to your workspace

While tracking leads might not be top of mind for your business, staying close to potential customers can make a crucial difference to your success. Lending a helping hand by letting your leads know that you are available for assistance can create a positive effect among your clientele and foster a healthy and ongoing relationship.

Using Zoho CRM Plus, effortlessly manage calls by integrating your PBX system with the CRM service. With the Call option available next to the phone number in the customer contact window, dialing calls is simple for your sales teams--just a click. Get contextual information while handling customer calls with access to customer details that give you a holistic view of your customers, regardless of where you, or they, are.

Interact with your remote working teams instantly

Physical separation can seem a barrier to effective communication inside your business. This barrier can only be broken when your sales, marketing and support teams can effectively communicate with one another and join forces to perform tasks.

Bridge the gap between your customer facing teams with the chat rooms feature in Projects. Now, employees working remotely can synchronously collaborate.You can initiate chats with one person or a group, and discuss important topics related to your project.

Or, just integrate Zoho CRM Plus with Zoho Cliq or Zoho Meeting. These collaboration platforms offer options for video calls and group chats, and allow you to conduct webinars for your customers. You can also foster teamwork with regular online meetings where people can present and collaborate.

Connect to Zoho CRM Plus from wherever you are 

Take your business with you while going remote. All you need is an internet connection and access to the Zoho CRM Plus application from any of the devices: PC, iOS, or Android smartphone. You will be up and running in no time.

Gain control over your business by selecting who gets to view what with the Admin Panel. Give your sales, marketing and support teams a holistic picture of the customer.

Add proactive steps to your business while going remote 

It's always important for your organization to ensure the safety of your customers and employees while adapting to new conditions. Taking proactive measures such as enhancing your support resources, providing rapid responses to customer questions, and engaging your customers across multiple touchpoints (email, live chat, surveys, social media) can help ensure the longevity of your business.

According to Gartner, "Brands that take proactive steps to comfort customers and protect their safety and financial confidence will earn strong reputational benefits during a volatile time"

Providing a comprehensive customer experience while working remotely can be achievable and efficient, but only if you have the right tool. You need a product that touches all aspects of the customer journey, that aligns and simplifies the work of your customer facing teams, and allows you to stay connected to your business even while working remotely. You need Zoho CRM Plus.

We hope that learning about these exciting features in CRM Plus will enhance your productivity in remote working conditions. If you have any questions, reach out to us in the comments below. We would be more than happy to help.


2 Replies to Continue providing a comprehensive customer experience while going remote

  1. Excellent information but I have a bunch of simple questions that you can answer quickly. such as Q1. When was on my onboarding call the person assisting me could not confirm if we need to set up a separate account in Gmail for users to be able to use the CRM? Because when we tried to use our regular Zoho email, an error message said that this account already exist. Then the session was over and we did not have clarity on requirements to customize Micwalis' CRM. I want to get set up today and import my client list into the CRM and get started inputting leads manually and leads generated from our webforms on our website. We are already a customer who purchased on May 7, 2020 and we still are not set up to use our CRM..... Please help

    1. Hello Imani, thanks for writing to us and welcome to the Zoho family! We will have our team reach out to you today to help you with your questions. We hope you find Zoho CRM Plus useful! :)

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