Introducing Zoho DataPrep: An advanced self-service data preparation software

Introducing Zoho DataPrep— advanced self-service data preparation software that helps connect, cleanse, transform, and enrich your data for downstream analytics and warehousing. We're excited to launch the public beta of Zoho DataPrep, and we welcome you all to explore our all-new data preparation solution!

Why Zoho DataPrep?

Businesses today face a veritable onslaught of volatile data, and data analysts and scientists spend over 80% of their time preparing data before they can draw insights. The key data challenges faced by businesses today are: data in silos, increasing volume and velocity of data, and unstructured data. Most data preparation activities are routine, tedious, time-consuming, and can be quickly automated using Zoho DataPrep.

What is Zoho DataPrep?

Zoho DataPrep is self-service data preparation software that helps organizations prepare data by automatically identifying errors, discovering data patterns, and transforming and enriching data, all without the need for coding. It also helps in setting up pipelines to sync prepared data to Zoho Analytics, or to data warehouses.

Zoho DataPrep

Import data from a wide variety of sources

You can import data into Zoho DataPrep from different data sources, such as files, feeds, FTP servers, cloud storage, databases, and data warehouses, making it easier to bring your data together.

Import in Zoho DataPrep

Augmented data preparation: Cleansing, transformation, and enrichment

DataPrep continuously measures the quality of your data and identifies ways to fix errors, by providing intelligent suggestions. Data quality charts can be used to filter data and resolve issues using the various transforms available in DataPrep.

There are over 250 transforms and functions to choose from in DataPrep. You can combine datasets using join and append, remove duplicate records, find and replace values, cluster similar data and merge them, work with JSON data, create buckets, unpivot data, convert units, and more.

You can also enrich your data using machine learning techniques, like sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and language detection, among many others.

Column transforms in Zoho DataPrep

Ruleset templates save time on repeated tasks

Using the ruleset templates in Zoho DataPrep, you can reuse the data preparation rules applied in one dataset to other datasets, without having to prepare each dataset individually. You can even share the ruleset templates with others in your organization.

Rulesets in Zoho DataPrep

Automated scheduled exports

Cleansing data is never a one-time task, as organizations continue to gather data every day. Zoho DataPrep helps schedule the data import, preparation, and export steps so that you don't have to perform the workflow manually each time. You can monitor the status of the schedules you set up, and get notified if there are any changes to the data quality.

Scheduling in Zoho DataPrep

Zoho DataPrep overview: Watch Video

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Give it a try!

Explore Zoho DataPrep by using the wide range of features. If you have any questions, or you'd like to have a personalized demo, please write to us at or simply drop a comment below.

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