Zia for Customer Service, Part 1: Zia for Support Agents

Zia for support agents

A typical day in the life of a customer support agent revolves around responding to questions, looking at bug reports, passing on customer feedback, helping sales teams with inquiries, and firefighting when things go south. Amidst all of this, it's easy for the agent's productivity to slow down. And that's an area of concern for most large and mid-sized organizations. How can you improve every agent's productivity?

The starting point for a lot of companies is to build a self-service culture—set up a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and help customers find answers without raising support tickets. This minimizes the load on the service team who can now focus on resolving more complex issues more efficiently. Training the service team to use filters and views to organize their tickets is the next step in increasing productivity. It helps the team prioritize their work and see only the tickets that matter to them. This is a point where teams start using smaller utilities like keyboard shortcuts and response templates to save even more time. But there's a whole lot of things that AI can do to help agents focus on the most important tasks. Zia in Zoho Desk is built to do just that.

Drive meaningful conversations with sentiment predictions

Understanding whether a customer is happy or not is key to a good response that takes the conversation forward. Zia helps estimate the sentiment of every incoming customer response giving agents a clear understanding of the customer temperament before they could respond to a ticket. The agents always know if the conversation is slipping further into negative sentiment or turning around into a positive experience. Sentiment analysis also helps when a new agent is assigned to a ticket. They not only see the entire conversation but also the sentiment progression to tailor their response appropriately. Think of this like checking the weather before stepping out. It's a little context that can drastically improve your day!

Organize and manage tickets through keyword tagging

Zia provides a way to know what each ticket is about without reading the entire conversation. She processes every incoming response and identifies the key terms from the response giving the agents a chance to skim through the key terms and quickly grasp the gist of the ticket. Zia also automatically groups these terms from each response into appropriate tags and adds them to the overall ticket. That way, managers and functional leaders can monitor these tags to understand how customers feel about various aspects of the business.

Zia Keyword Tagging

Respond faster with a reply assistant

By identifying the key terms from each response, Zia suggests specific paragraphs and sentences from your knowledge base to be used in a response. In just a click, an agent can use that suggestion and send a quick response. Agents also can chat with Zia and understand things like whether a refund policy is applicable for a ticket, or a discount can be given, or a replacement requested is in stock. This saves the agent a lot of time going back and forth internally on policy and discretionary clarifications.

With a little help from Zia at every step along the way, agents now have the ability to increase their productivity and do their part in improving your customer experience. Stay tuned for the next blog on the series to understand how Zia can help managers lead through proactive customer support!

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