How to make your customers feel important through online forms?

Customers form the backbone of any business, providing the foundation upon which success is built. Their preferences, needs, and feedback drive product development, service enhancement, and overall growth. While online forms help you get to know your customers, making them feel important as they fill out your form is what builds a positive user experience, fostering trust. In this blog post, we have got 5 interesting tips to make your customers feel valued.

Address your customer by name

Use the customer's name in the form whenever possible. Addressing them by name can create a more personalized and welcoming experience. For instance, instead of a generic label like Enter Your Contact Information, you can make it more inviting by saying Please Provide Your Contact Information, [Customer's Name]. This subtle adjustment immediately makes the form feel tailored to the individual, increasing engagement and making them feel valued. It's a small yet powerful gesture that signifies your commitment to understanding and meeting their specific needs, while making the form interactive.

Learn how to use the customer names in the field labels of your form.

Offer Incentives

Consider offering a small incentive, such as a discount for completing a payment order form. This can increase participation rates. When customers are presented with an immediate benefit, such as a discount, they are more motivated to take action. The mere prospect of saving money can act as a catalyst, encouraging them to complete the payment order form promptly and enthusiastically. For those with a website, leveraging a lightbox form to showcase these incentives can be especially impactful. As customers engage with your website's content, the well-timed appearance of a lightbox form featuring the alluring discount can swiftly grab their attention. This approach not only enhances visibility but also heightens the chances of customers exploring the form.

On page exit

Acknowledge your customer's time

Customers who feel appreciated are more likely to develop a favorable opinion of your brand and engage in future interactions. After the form is submitted, express gratitude for the customer's time and input. Make the most of the Thank You page and express your gratitude to your customers. You can choose to stick to your form theme even in the Thank You page and you don't have to design the page from scratch; simply use the form design and you're done in a click! The continuity of design from the form to the Thank You page demonstrates consistency and professionalism. It reassures customers that their interaction with your brand is seamless and thoughtfully curated. 


Follow up with customers after they've submitted the form by initiating a personalized auto-responder email. This presents an opportunity not only to express gratitude but also to extend further assistance, potentially offering supplementary resources that enhance their experience. They help users to keep a track of important details such as order receipts, reference numbers, supporting documents, invoices, etc,. which can be referred to over a period of many days. Incorporating these emails into the customer journey showcases a level of care that extends beyond form completion. It underscores the significance of the customer relationship and positions your brand as a reliable partner.      

Skip unnecessary fields and pages

Give a smooth  form-filling experience without tiring the customer out with irrelevant fields or pages. Create multiple distinct personalized journeys for respondents based on their preferences using Conditional Rules.

When you design your form, remember, at the core of every business endeavor lies the customer, making their importance an irreplaceable and vital aspect of your operations.


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