Can some bloggers make or break Web 2.0 start-ups?

Phil Sim at Squash writes :

I’d suggest if you’re a start-up expecting that a bit of blog publicity is going to get you kickstarted then you need to have another look at your business plan. Most trackbacks that Squash gets generate half a dozen or so page views.

I can't agree with him more. Prominent bloggers can at best have a temporary impact with their positive, negative or ignoring attitude towards a start-up but it is finally the product/service that counts.

Phil's view warns Web 2.0 product companies not to depend on marketing to the bloggers alone. And I would like to take it a bit further. Each blogger has a different viewpoint. Take the example of 30boxes. While Om Malik, Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk & others raved about it, Joel (on Software) thrashed it saying, "I'm not going to look at 30 Boxes again -- I've spent enough time evaluating it. G'bye" & went on to add, "the proof-of-conceptware that people are hyperventilating about". Now, how can a product be seen at such extremes? I sincerely hope that these blog posts don't decide the success/failure of 30boxes in the long run.


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